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At Eco chimneys we specialise in customised chimney construction for almost all kinds of smoke and heat emitting industries. Eco Chimneys sustains a competitive position in the market due to its Unique and viable Design, patented under the Intellectual Property Rights, India. With extensive Research & Innovation, we have not only made new and useful themes available for the industries today, but our efforts also involve effective steps towards an Eco-Frinedly Environment. We are proud to inform you that Eco Chimneys is the only factory manufactured Precast Concrete Chimney developed to effectively overcome limitations in the Brick, Steel, & Slip Form Industrial Reinforced Concrete Chimneys. Eco Chimneys is an improved version of eco friendly industrial chimney. Eco Chimney is a factory manufactured Precast cement concrete Chimney customised for almost all kinds of smoke and heat emitting industries. We can provide inbuilt pollution control measures within the basement or the structure of the PCC chimney

Old No. 15/1, New No. 11/1, Anna Avenue, Adyar,, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 600020

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