Ecoideaz Experts Panel

Ecoideaz Experts Panel

Levine Lawrence

Levine Lawrence is a media veteran with 15 years of experience in market research and business journalism. He has built expertise in various facets of mass communication such as business reporting, content editing and photo-journalism. He has built a sizeable portfolio of business case studies, academic research articles, art & culture features, travelogues, etc. Despite being confined to his office cubicle, Levine has always been passionate about nature, environmental issues and eco-friendly lifestyle. He has made an effort to interact with various eco-researchers and green innovators across India, who are creating better solutions to save the environment – Linkedin profile

Sunil Sood

Sunil-SoodSunil Sood is a veteran in the energy management sector who has built an illustrious career of more than 40 years in energy efficiency and conservation. Being a mechanical engineer and a certified energy auditor, he has worked with both public sector enterprises and private companies in India. Realizing the need to build a movement dedicated to energy management, Sunil Sood founded the Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals (IAEMP) in 2006. He has been honored with numerous awards for his achievements in energy efficiency, and he is also passionately involved with various voluntary groups working on cleanliness and waste management – Linkedin profile

Suhail Chaturvedi

suhail-chaturvediSuhail Chaturvedi is a sustainability professional and adviser for various CSR projects. He has completed his Masters in Sustainable Development from TERI University, New Delhi. He has worked under different capacities ranging from industrial research and analysis, business and brand promotion, along with social outreach in rural sectors for energy needs. He is currently involved in Econirmitee, as a Business Development Manager and assisting in changing the definition from Waste as a burden to Waste as a resource – Linkedin profile

Sneha Sridhar

Sneha Sridhar is an architect, educator, theatre practitioner and a writer. She completed her post-graduate education in interior architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she developed her interest in the field of adaptive reuse. Having worked at architectural and production design studios, Sneha continues to pursue her passion for storytelling through design research and teaching. – Linkedin profile

Sahana Rajan

Sahana RajanSahana Rajan is a doctoral student in Philosophy from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. She has built deep expertise in healthcare, animal rights, environmental and social issues after working with various organizations such as Navjyoti India Foundation, Sama Animal Welfare Community, Medisurge Technologies, Eco Roots Foundation. Sahana has written research articles and academic theses on various topics such as environmental ethics, feminist thought, political philosophy, etc. Apart from conducting workshops on holistic learning, she has worked with voluntary organizations dealing with animal welfare, child education and visually challenged students – Linkedin profile

Sreesvarna B

Sreesvarna B is an Agricultural Engineer, who graduated from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru and got her master’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Her research interests include climate change and its impact, energy extraction from renewable sources, and water management. As a part of her academics, Sreesvarna has done various projects on technology and sustainable development in rural areas, thermal image analysis for assessing canopy temperature of plantation crops, design of micro-irrigation systems and bio-materials feasibility for solar cells. Her other passions include playing violin, camping, cycling, gardening and writing articles. – Linkedin profile

Rashmi Kulranjan

Rashmi Kulranjan is a Master’s student in Environmental Studies and Resource Management at TERI School of Advanced Studies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Botany, Chemistry and Environmental Science from Bangalore University. Her research interests include hydrology, watershed management, food security, agriculture and impacts of anthropogenic activities on natural resources. As part of her academics, Rashmi has worked on projects like the carbon footprint of the vegetable supply chain of Bengaluru and the environmental performance of the automobile industry. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and trekking – Linkedin profile

Goutham Veerabathini

Goutham Veerabathini is a young Civil Engineer passionate about bringing in eco-friendly methods in the field of construction. Particularly, he has an entrepreneurial mindset which sets him apart from the crowd in thinking individually. He is well versed with the concept of green buildings and has rich experience as a Research Analyst in the field of environmental science. His passion towards the environment made him join NGOs which work towards the betterment of the environment – Linkedin profile