Designers called to submit projects for Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018


Jak&Jil, an award-winning online fashion mall platform, has announced the launch of Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018 for fashion designers across the globe. The awards offer eco-friendly fashion designers and fashion brands a chance to win $3,000 or donating that amount to an NGO partner of their choice.

The Sustainable Fashion Awards are open to emerging talents or professional designers and brands from all countries, who are leading the way to a sustainable future by having executed at least one sustainable project. The enrolled project can range from one garment to a full collection and must fit into at least one of these socially-conscious and eco-friendly actions.

Through these awards, Jak&Jil aspires to find innovative style brands and fashion designers that are taking the necessary steps to reduce their environmental footprint and reward the one with the most sustainable idea. Eligibility criteria for sustainable fashion features are: Handmade pieces; Local manufacturing; Develop fair trade; Smart design; Slow fashion; Zero fabric waste; Animal welfare; Use of recycled, upcycled or organic materials; and considering the full lifecycle of a product. Entries that score the highest points against these strict selection criteria will win the Sustainable Fashion Award 2018 and take home cash prizes worth $6,000.

The international judging committee consists of industry professionals who focus on sustainability such as eco-fashion pioneer Sass Brown, the Founding Dean of the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, Fernanda Simon, Brazil’s Fashion Revolution Country Coordinator and Brazil Eco Fashion Week co-organiser, Florian Guillaume, co-founder of Europe Tomorrow and a sustainable and social innovation leader, as well as EcoWarrior Princess Editor in Chief, Jennifer Nini.

Interested designers are requested to submit their project on the Jak&Jil SFA website before the deadline of 31 October 2018 and the results will be announced on 10 January 2019.
Date: 24.09.2018 | Source: EcoWarrior Princess

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