Energy-efficient Appliances for Your Home


When you think about monthly or annual energy bills in your home, electrical appliances account for approximately 40% of the total bills. Energy-saving is no more an option at your home. Due to government regulations, most manufacturers have now shifted their attention to saving energy by manufacturing energy-efficient appliances.

Energy efficiency can be regarded as applying less energy to derive the same or improved outcome. The main difference between energy efficiency and energy conservation is not massive. By energy conservation, there is a change in habits. For example, opting to walk rather than using your car, but in energy efficiency, you will use a less energy-consuming car. Let’s look at some of the best modern energy-efficient appliances and their environmental impact:

Energy-efficient Refrigerators and Freezers

The energy performance of refrigerators has been a significant project for many manufacturers over the past one decade. Today’s refrigerators use 60% less energy than a model designed ten years ago. Before you buy an energy-efficient refrigerator for your kitchen, you need to be sure if you are acquiring the right appliance.

The best way is to look for a refrigerator with an energy saver button. The energy-efficient button/switch allows you to turn off the heating coils that prevent condensation and the anti-sweat heaters are well controlled. This could play a significant role in your energy bill, reducing it to almost 10%. The size of a fridge also matters; having put all your family needs into consideration.

The most energy-efficiency fridge would be around 16-20 cubic feet. You will find a lot of such energy-efficient refrigerators in the market today, whose benefits include:
• Eco-friendly – Energy-efficient fridges produce fewer greenhouse emissions since they draw less energy. Besides, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint as a user, which will see you realize all the environmental benefits.
• Better functionality
• Reduced running costs

Energy-efficient Boilers

Your first consideration when you are replacing your boiler or installing a new one should be to check its energy-efficiency score. This is important to reduce the cost of heating your home. For boiler installation or boiler repair, you will require the services of a Gas Safe registered engineer for quality control purposes and expert opinion. It is essential to have the presence of a gas safe engineer during boiler installation to ensure that you take care of all environmental and safety procedures.

Eco Boilers or eco-friendly boilers are the most energy-efficient boilers available today. These boilers have a handful of benefits, including:
• Highly energy efficient – They are designed with advanced technology enabling it to reduce heat loss as well as improve heat transfer.
• Reduced emissions – Eco boilers engineers have designed this boiler in a way to protect both the user and the environment by complying with emissions protocols.
• Smart design – This boiler comes in different sizes. There are smaller sizes that consume less installation space and produces less noise during operation.
• Cost effective – It is a cost-friendly fuel.

Energy-efficient Dehumidifiers

The best dehumidifiers perform several tasks at your home, including reducing excess moisture, eliminating bacteria and protect your home from mildew and mold. Excessive humidity in your home could be hazardous since it brings about damage to fixtures, unpleasant odor, and costs you money and time.

The best energy-efficient dehumidifiers reduce energy consumption and save on your energy bills/cost without reducing performance and features. It also reduces greenhouse emissions, thus protecting the environment. Such kind of a dehumidifier uses more efficient compressors, refrigeration coils, and fans to produce equivalent moistures as other similarly sized dehumidifiers, but they use 15% less energy.


The world is moving towards green consciousness. Governments across the world have laid out various laws to ensure technology and all industries keep up with the trend as per accepted standards and procedures. Be part of the movement and make use of energy-efficient appliances for your home.

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