Questions To Ask Before Hiring Solar Installers


Going solar is the right choice when you want to save up on electricity costs. Not only it is a carbon-free resource, but it’s also renewable. Unlike fossil fuels that may diminish over time, solar energy isn’t limited.

Once you have decided to install solar panels at your home, then you need to consider various aspects. So, you must choose the best solar installer to maximize the benefits of going solar. Before you commit to a solar installer, you must ask these questions to them:

Do you have the right qualifications to install?

There are too many service providers offering solar installation services in the US now. So, before you get into hiring solar panel installers in Illinois, it is critical to look for their credentials and qualifications. If your installer hesitates to answer this question, then be wary.

If the answer is yes, check for their licenses and certifications. If they have the following, then they’re qualified for the job:

  • License – With a license, you’re confident that you’re safe from practices that may harm you and your household. If they didn’t correctly install it, you’d experience a poor performance of the equipment, or it may create safety hazards. This license is mandated by each state to protect citizens from malpractices.
  • Certification – Unlike licenses that are required so a contractor can work, certification is not required. However, certification gives contractors an added distinction over other competitors.

Your installer can possess a certificate from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), Roof Integrated Solar Energy (RISE), or Electronics Technicians Association. Then, you can feel confident because they are required to complete some coursework and exams before they receive a certificate. These certifications require them to have at least one year of experience in installing solar panels. Then every three years, they need to recertify it, which requires continuing education courses to keep them updated.

How long have you been operating?

Although a license and certification ensure the competency of a solar installer, their experience is still vital. As they say, “experience is the best teacher.” A solar installer must have years of experience. This way, you’ll be confident that they’ve developed their skills and services throughout the years.

With years of experience, solar installers gain the following:

  • Techniques and strategies – experienced solar installers know the necessary methods and strategies in the real world. Although training and education serve as a guideline, experience, on the other hand, teaches realistic techniques and skills.
  • Competitive advantage – with experience comes the ability to enhance one’s services. They know what clients want best before installing solar panels in their homes. For instance, loyalty points, warranty, and other benefits can attract more clients.
  • Right equipment – may it be a piece of new or old equipment, years of experience will teach solar installers the best tools that are useful in the field. So, instead of trying to use the equipment required for installations, they already know how to use other tools that would be more effective.

Do you provide warranties?

As mentioned, a solar installer with years of experience can use warranties as a competitive edge. As a client, when the installer has a warranty, you don’t need to worry about where to look for solar equipment when it needs to be changed.

Moreover, most solar installers don’t repair already installed equipment if it’s not from them. Thus, it’s safer to ask solar installers if they offer warranties. If not, look for other solar installers so you won’t have issues looking for replacement or repair services.

Especially for unique pieces of equipment that they use, ask whether they have a warranty for it. General hardware, like inverters and solar panels, have manufacturer warranties. Thus, if they offer a hard to find equipment for your solar installation, then it should come with a warranty.

Not only the equipment or hardware, but you must also ask whether they offer service warranties. Their workmanship should also have a warranty so you can request for them anytime there’s an issue. As a tip, choose the ones with longer warranties.

What are the possible problems that I may face?

This question may sound too frank, but an honest answer will help you determine the integrity of the installer. But, before asking this straightforward question, do your research first. Nowadays, you can easily get online reviews of a company or service by searching the net. This way, you’ll know if their answers are factual or not.

If they share issues that you’re most likely to experience, then ask them what solutions they can offer. Or, you could ask them whether they’re reachable when you encounter an issue you can’t resolve. However, if they’re all sweet talk, but no concrete solution, then you’ve got to think twice before hiring them.


Solar panels offer some great advantages, but improperly installed ones can’t produce the expected results. That’s why it’s better to ask these critical questions instead of being sorry after quite some time. Since solar panels are heavy investments done once in a lifetime, you must choose professionals to do the job. By doing so, you’ll maximize the benefits that a solar panel can give.

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