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Biological Research Innovation Centre & Solutions LLP (BRICS Bio) is founded with the intention of developing sustainable and safer technologies using bio-based innovations. Our broad vision is to Rethink to Rebuild the environment and ecosystem with high respect to biodiversity. The mission is to promote functional and safe food production through solid principles of natural farming like organic/biological farming, community farming, urban farming, etc.

The focus of BRICS Bio is on R&D with a multifaceted approach to generate the IPRs, to design and develop safer innovative products for use in organic crop production, for better human health and society’s well-being.

BRICS Bio has developed a range of household cleaning products, plant growth boosters and bio-pesticides:

  • SasyaRakshak is a water soluble plant protectant containing a combination of active ingredients extracted from various plant sources
  • MycoDim is a broad spectrum, contact foliar fungicide that prevents a variety of diseases
  • NeemShakti is a Neem based botanical insecticide
  • SasyaPoshak is a matured compost blend of organic manure with vermicompost, botanical cakes, biofertilizers and rock phosphate
  • Phytonic Plus has positive effects on plant vitality by promoting vegetative growth
  • Hydropod Gel Plants are select indoor plants grown using hydrophilic material
  • EcoSwachh 3R Natural Hand Wash is formulated with Soapnut and Shikakai, which are traditionally known natural surfactants
  • EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dish Wash is concentrated extract of super quality Soapnuts and other botanical surfactants with active principles from Lemon and Tamarind
  • EcoSwachh 3R is a concoction of super quality soapnut extract and biosurfactants, designed and developed for clean and quality fabric wash
  • EcoSwachh 3R Natural Surface Cleaner is the best alternative for cleaning all type of floors and surfaces
#93, Aashraya, 1st Floor, 15th Main, 17th Cross, Rose Garden Road, 5th Phase J P Nagar,, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560078

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