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  • Does an ‘Eco-friendly lifestyle’ mean sacrificing all your creature comforts and adopting a spartan life?
  • Are you fed up listening to environmental problems and yearning for some practical solutions?
  • Are there any Indian innovative green ideas that can help our nation find indigenous solutions to our energy crisis?
  • Does ‘Organic’ mean an exorbitantly costly way of eating healthy food?
    If you answered yes to all these, then we are here to change that perception!

Fortunately, there are positive answers to all these nagging questions! Ecoideaz Ventures – a social enterprise that collects case studies on eco-friendly innovations, clean technologies and showcases all kinds of green companies based in India that help us save the environment without forgoing our comforts!

Ecoideaz Ventures – About Us

Check out more about us in our detailed company profile in this Google Drive file. You can also check our panel of experts who help us in guiding our startup partners and customers.

Green Guide for Conscious Consumers

Are you eager to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, but don’t know how?

We are here to help people who are concerned about the environment and want to do make a difference through their purchases. Showcase on Ecoideaz.com has all the details for conscious consumers like you to go green. Ours is a neutral online publication that publishes honest reviews about various organic products and clean technologies. Our experts provide their opinion on a wide range of eco-friendly products to build consumer awareness.

Expert Consultancy for Clean Technologies

Are there too many cutting-edge technologies to choose from?

There is no dearth of advanced technologies in today’s world, but it is hard to find an expert who clears the clutter. Expert Corner on Ecoideaz.com brings together the best set of experts who can provide guidance on various ecological topics such as energy efficiency, clean technology, renewable energy, and other methods that prevent environmental degradation.

Intermediary for Innovators and Investors

Are you seeking investment for an interesting innovation of yours?

Ecoideaz.com is a comprehensive repository for innovative green ideas both from the investor and innovator perspectives. We have compiled and presented all existing knowledge about ecological issues in a methodical manner, so that a layman can clearly understand the issue. Further, our site also provides comprehensive information about the most innovative ideas so as to showcase them for investors to study and invest in.

Ecoideaz Pantheon of Partners

Ecoideaz Ventures is proud to have partnered with these esteemed organizations that are doing some great work in the field of sustainable business and clean technology.

The Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN) is a consortium of decentralized renewable energy enterprises (DRE) based in India. We at Ecoideaz are proud to be associated with this non-profit consortium, which is committed to support and unify clean energy enterprises and grow the overall DRE sector in India. Check out some of the Cleantech Case Studies here.

Our Good Brands is a rapidly growing global community for ethical consumers and an eco-hub for ethical entrepreneurs. Here you can find social impact resources for worldwide consumers and brands to make better decisions. It is a one-stop shop to find complete guides on ethical brands, sustainable products, green living tips, zero waste ideas, eco fashion, natural beauty, eco-travel, etc. We are thrilled to be OGB’s India’s partner for everything under the sun!

The Youth for Sustainability India Alliance brings together like-minded youth-oriented organizations focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13 on a common national platform to help India achieve its targets under SDG goals. The YFSI Alliance aims to harness the tremendous power of the Indian youth to create a sustainable future through collective behavioral change and to drive policy changes in educational campuses, corporate groups, civil society organizations, the government and other stakeholders.

Further, Ecoideaz has been featured on Twinkl, as part of their sustainability series’ blog – Ways to Make a Difference in the World and the Environment.

Do join us in our mission to find cool ideas for a warm planet!

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