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CHUK Compostable Tableware - the only ‘pulp to product’ brand in the world of compostable tableware which is absolutely safe for consumption of food products. CHUK produces backyard compostable tableware products that are 100% safe to eat from. It was the result of an extensive study on the food consumption patterns in India and thus, created designs, which cater extensively to the Indian eating style and habits. Chuk has been designed as a product range of  bowls, plates, trays & containers that can be combined in different ways to create numerous permutations and combinations giving QSRs immense flexibility to serve a variety of different foods without the need for vast inventory.

CHUK Compostable Tableware is a replacement for all kinds of styrofoam & plastic products that are non-compostable and contains chemicals which is not good for human health, whereas CHUK is a compostable product and is safe for utilization in food services. These products are US FDA approved and compostability certified as per ISO IS 17088 standard tested by CIPET.

Chuk is also the proud winner of various awards like Red Dot - highest design award of Germany, Good Design Mark - highest design award of Germany and CII Design Excellence Award - highest design award of Japan.

Yash Pakka Limited, Yash Nagar, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India 224135

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