Why Temporary Parking Lot Lights are Fantastic for a Lighting Solution


Truth be told, outdoor lighting is pretty expensive. The cost of an outdoor lighting project can quickly sap a business or municipality of funds. In addition, some projects such as construction may need lighting that moves around or portable lights, but their power generators tend to be noisy, costly, and horrible for the environment.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to lighting outdoor areas that not only protects the environment and saves a lot of money as well. I’m talking about temporary parking lot lights that use solar panels to power their light fixtures. Hope you are acquainted with environmentally-friendly solar power lights, which are lot more popular and cheaper than they used to be. Why exactly solar power is a fantastic solution for temporary parking lot lighting? We will take a moment to explain.

Solar Temporary Parking Lot Lights: The Best Solution

These lights are fantastic because they don’t need a fossil-fuel generator for power. Each light has a monocrystalline solar panel and battery attached to it. During the day, the panel placed above gathers photovoltaic electricity and stores it in the battery below. By nightfall, the LED light fixtures turn on and are supplied with the power charged during the day.
Using solar panels to power LED fixtures is a double-whammy for reducing the impact to climate change.

According to LightED Magazine, LED lights used to illuminate buildings and outdoor spaces reduced carbon dioxide emissions by around 570 million tons in 2017. That’s no small change! Now consider the impact when your lighting solution uses solar power to charge its outdoor fixtures. It’s clear that solar power is a major factor in reducing carbon emissions overall, but that’s not the only reason why temporary parking lot lights are fantastic for a lighting option.

LEDs Prevent Light Pollution

LED lighting fixtures produce the brightest and best light in comparison to other technologies such as sodium-vapor lamps (typically yellowish lighting) or metal halide, which contribute to what’s called light pollution. Light pollution happens when the inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light illuminates beyond its intended region, causing glare or excessive brightness. This is a real problem for some lighting technologies.

The International Dark Sky Association states that street lights are intended to illuminate the street below, but their light is often poorly directed, causing undesirable brightness and light pollution. LED fixtures for parking lot lights are great for reducing light pollution since LEDs are designed to emit light not beyond the 180-degree plane of the fixture, ensuring that their lit-up area is kept to a minimum.

Solar Lights are the Future

Solar technology used to be incredibly costly and inefficient, but that isn’t true anymore. Solar energy has seen massive improvements in manufacturing costs and technology increases since the 1990s, reducing the cost per watt of produced energy by approximately 99%. Solar power experts claim that the price will continue to drop in the coming years.
If your business or city needs a temporary solution to lighting, Greenshine New Energy has just the thing. Check out how solar can work for your business, lighting up the parking lot at night using the cleanest energy around with some of the most technologically advanced lights the market has to offer. You can also get a quote for your business free of charge.

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