Vineeti Technologies responds to tough times with solar powered solutions


Decentralised Renewable Energy from time to time has proven its utility beyond energy access. As the demand for DRE-based energy expands into other sectors, its role is gradually shifting from being an alternative source of power to be the main source of power.

The story of Vineeti Technologies, a green energy organization, is one such instance of how DRE enterprises are reaching out to energy-deprived communities and ensuring better life opportunities for them. Ecoideaz, in partnership with CLEAN network, a consortium of DRE enterprises, brings you the case study of Vineeti Technologies.

Nittur High School is a government-aided school in Udupi, Karnataka. It is a Kannada medium school offering education from class 8th to 10th. The school has served as the ‘go to’ institution in the area for several generations of students, offering education at minimal or no fee payment. With many of its alumni doing well in their respective fields, over the years it has inspired excellent academic performances from its students.

In recent times, however, dwindling funds to support the institute and low student enrolment resulted in curtailed teaching staff and insufficient expenses for school maintenance. During these tough times, the alumni stepped forward and took it upon themselves to bring back the past glory of the school. This resulted in the implementation of several progressive initiatives such as smart classes, computer labs as well as an initiative to implement solar net metering power plant for the school.

CLEAN member Vineeti Technologies has been designing and delivering energy solutions across Karnataka. It was therefore no surprise when the Nittur High School alumni reached out to Vineeti technologies with great expectations of a sustainable energy solution. Vineeti Technologies carried out a site assessment and recommended a 3kW solar roof top net metering power plant based on the current and future power needs of the school.

On securing the order, Vineeti Technologies designed, procured, installed and commissioned the 3kW solar rooftop net metering power plant in less than 15 days, with full cooperation and stage by stage approval from the Mangalore Electric Supply Company (MESCOM). This was just in time for the 50th year celebration of the Nittur High School in December 2019.

The road to success, however, wasn’t achieved overnight. The school had an existing connection of 1kw sanctioned load that had to be enhanced to 3kw, requiring close coordination with MESCOM. The sourcing of key equipment, transporting them from other parts to Udupi and arranging for suitable fabrications locally within the short time frame was challenging. But seamless coordination between Vineeti Technologies teams at Bengaluru and at the project site in Udupi made it possible.

“We are happy to see that with the Solar Net metering Power plant commissioned, our school does not need to pay monthly electric bills anymore, which saves us INR1500-1900 every month. More importantly, we believe our students who are from rural communities get to see the practical application of solar power on a daily basis, which would serve as an inspiration for many generations of students who come to study here” says Shri Murali Kadekar, Headmaster, Nittur High School, Udupi.

With the solar power plant installation, the school has already saved around INR15,000-18,000 in the first year itself. This would mean cumulative savings of INR225,000 over the next 10 years. With such a cost-effective, sustainable installation, the school is now able to channelize its savings towards other critical supplies for classrooms and labs, thereby making rapid strides towards realizing its vision of low-cost quality education.


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