New thermal plants to fit into Human Health & Environment criteria


The Union Ministry for Environment & Forests has issued a new order under which all new thermal power plants installed anywhere in India have to undergo environmental clearance procedures to fit into the Human Health & Environment criteria.

More than 75% of the electrical energy needs in India is fulfilled by coal. India’s coal-based power plants are among the most inefficient and polluting in the world, according to a study by the Delhi-based think tank, Centre for Science and Environment. This decision to force upcoming thermal power plants to get consent only after the obligatory health-risk evaluation is hailed by experts as a good maneuver towards a greener tomorrow.

The Ministry for Environment & Forests has taken the recommendation from the Expert Appraisal Committee to draw out specific conditions for Human Health & Environment criteria, after which a green signal will be given to the plant. The Ministry stated that the committee may modify, omit and stipulate additional conditions based on the project-specific requirement.

Further, a new thermal power plant has to comply with other conditions too. In addition to taking into account the well-being of its workers and the people residing in its vicinity, due to incessant exposure of noise and air pollution, the plant also has to conduct a biannual health check-up for its workers. Among other things, the company also has to undertake a biennial study, under the guidance of a reputed institute on the brunt of the plant’s operation on agricultural crops and large water bodies.
Date: 10.12.2018 | Source: Times of India


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