Solar Dome Project to Light up Kolkata Slums

Image Courtesy – Hindustan Times

A new type of solar powered LED light is set to bring light to people living in slums of Kolkata. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has allocated INR10 billion of which INR5 billion has already been sanctioned for the project that is being implemented by Kolkata-based Renewable Energy College that invented the solar powered lights.

S P Gon Chaudhuri has invented this simple device known as a ‘Micro Solar Dome’ that traps sunlight and just concentrates it inside a dark room. Unlike photovoltaic cells, which need to convert light energy to electrical energy, the new device doesn’t need any such conversion. It just acts on the principles of reflection.

The installation of this micro solar dome is done on rooftops. During daytime, sunlight will be channeled into room using reflective cylinder and special dome. At night, solar panels power the LED bulbs will light the house. LED bulb will light the house for 17 hours during summer and 13 hours during winter season.

The current target is to distribute 10 million such solar dome LED bulbs within the next two years. Under the pilot scheme of this project, they will sold at slums at Mumbai’s Powai area, Delhi, Guwahati, Tripura and Kolkata.

Date: 17 October 2016 | Source: Hindustan Times

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