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TrashCon is a globally-awarded technology-first organisation helping Governments and Private organisations across the world to dispose off the waste in a responsible manner and become Zero Waste using its revolutionary technology-enabled solutions. Our first patented technology (TrashBot) separates this worst form of waste automatically with minimal or nil human intervention.We operate at capacities starting 5 tons per day to 250 tons per day this means that we can cater from a village to a whole city itself. One of our plants near Bangalore cleans 23 villages.TrashBot separates the input waste in primarily 2 components – food waste – this can be composted or sent to biogas and the other component is dry waste which primarily consists of plastics and paper. This can be sent to local recyclers. TrashCon is a technology-first company which is solving the problem of waste menace with its patented technologies. We deal in the field of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).MSW is the waste that we throw out of our houses, you can imagine a big black plastic bag filled with food waste, paper, plastics, diapers, sanitary napkin, mobile charger, water bottle etc.70% of the plastics are multi-layered plastics like chips packets (lays, Kurkure, bingo packets), masala packets, chocolate wrappers etc which have a shiny aluminium film sticking to the plastics. No one was recycling this post-consumer plastics so we created yet another technology which can take the plastics out of the dry output of TrashBot and create building material which is an alternative to plywood.This is being used in Shuttering in the construction industry and provides 2x the repetition than plywood without having the need to cut the trees.

ALPS-1101, Yelahanka new town, India 560064

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