How to Choose a Reliable Dumpster Bin Rental Service


Waste management is truly a worrisome issue for both households and large businesses. It is particularly an irksome issue for those businesses that generate a lot of solid waste. Fortunately, waste management is a well-established business today with numerous service providers offering professional services to all. Municipal corporations do the cleanup for urban centers, small non-profit cooperatives do the needful in smaller towns and professional waste handling companies do the job for industries. 

Now, you don’t even have to own a garbage dumpster. There are waste managers who provide dumpster bin rental services so that you can hire the right one for you. However, it is a problem of plentiful now. When there are too many service providers in your city that claim to offer a great service, how do we choose the right one? Particularly it is hard for any new startup or a household to zero in on the most suitable service provider!

How to find a reliable dumpster bin rental service

So if you need to dump a large amount of waste, here are some tips on how to choose a reliable dumpster bin rental service for your business or household:

Type of waste

The first thing you need to do is to determine the type of waste generated at your place. Is it mostly plastic packaging, metal scrap, paper sheets, or is food waste? While you might be conditioned to think of waste segregation as mainly ‘dry waste’ and ‘wet waste’, there is a need to differentiate your waste further. Each of these waste items can be highly useful for the recycling industry as a raw material. 

For example, glass shards would be highly dangerous to handle if they are mixed with other waste material. So your dumpster bin rental service provider may charge higher rentals if you mix up all your waste. So please verify what is the main waste generated at your place and segregate that at least. Let’s say you own a restaurant, then most of your garbage would be food waste, which needs to be transported soon otherwise it will rot and raise a stink!

Dumpster size and variety

Once your waste type is determined, now you need to decide about the regular amount of waste generated at your place. A small restaurant may generate 20-30kgs of waste per day, while a larger company could produce nearly 100kgs of waste. For smaller residential houses, you need the option to size down to accommodate your needs. Based on where your home is located, you may also be limited on available space. Parking an oversized dumpster on your property may not be an option. 

Any dumpster bin rental service provider offers a wide range of dumpster sizes right from 4 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. If you need it for a large construction project, then you can go for a bigger dumpster as well. Typically a household needs a large dumpster only during their house renovation or construction. If they segregate their solid waste at that time, then they can even give it to charity for reuse.

Dumpster bin rental costs

Figuring out dumpster rental pricing can be tricky. Is it by the length of your rental, weight of your trash, or size of your container? Some rental companies charge you by the container size, some by the weight of your trash, and some by the rental period. Other dumpster rental services offer a flat rate that you can pay upfront. The advantage of flat fees is that they are all-inclusive, but this is only useful if it is a one-time activity.

Short-term rentals often have different rates than longer-term ones of a few weeks, for example. Dumpster bin rental companies will likely charge by the size and rental period, but may also require extra disposal fees based on weight. You must ensure your chosen dumpster company provides a clear-cut picture on all the cost factors that could affect the final price, including any hidden fees.

Location matters

Transport cost is a key aspect of your dumpster rental pricing. So the closer your dumpster bin rental company is located to your place, the better. Further, you can easily walk in to their office if anything goes wrong. So it would be great for you to look for “dumpster rental near me” or Google Maps to make sure it’s conveniently located based on where you live. Further, a closer location helps when your waste generation varies over time. If your dumpster fills up faster, then you can call them sooner and they will do the needful without any extra charges. 

Reputation and customer service

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And finally, the reputation of a dumpster bin rental service is the most crucial aspect of choosing one. Just imagine your garbage lying for days rotting in your front yard and your neighbors calling the police! If don’t want any such nasty issues, then please check customer reviews for the best service provider. You would rather pay more for a better dumpster bin rental than pay cheap for a lousy one. Here are a few key points to check if they are the right ones for you:

  • Easy price quotation process
  • Consistent pricing from initial quote to final contract
  • Professional guidance in choosing a dumpster
  • Quick pickup and drop-off process
  • Proof of disposal process
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