Interesting and Eco-friendly Covid-19 Safety Innovations


Author – Ancy Varghese

The world has witnessed a drastic transformation of our society, changing right from a high flying social flies to sedentary couch potatoes! Thanks to the Novel Coronavirus! This pandemic has not only changed our daily routine but also affected our consumer habits and even our entire thought process, be it physical, mental, or economical.

The COVID19 pandemic has changed the literal concept of essentials for a human being and the entire world is slowly accepting this devastating change in lifestyle. A woman’s tote bag before would have been full of cosmetics and accessories, but it is now replaced with sanitizers, masks and gloves.

However, most of the safety precautions taken such as sanitizers or Disinfection tunnels are filled with chemicals and are equally harmful to humans. We at Ecoideaz have searched for some safer, healthier and more eco-friendly Covid-19 safety innovations that help us take precautions in our daily activities.

Healthy & Eco-friendly Covid-19 Safety Innovations

Just Herbs Ayurvedic Sanitizer

eco-friendly Covid-19 safety innovations

Sanitizers have become an inevitable part of our lifestyle today. These are liquid anti-septics used to eliminate pathogens present on our hands and body. The WHO has always stated the use of sanitizers is essential to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Commercially, there are hundreds of sanitizers available today, but here we would like to showcase a few certified eco-friendly sanitizers.

Just Herbs Hand Sanitiser is one such herbal product with extracts of lemongrass, neem, tulsi & aloe vera. Further, it has 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, making it WHO-compliant as well. Made by Punjab-based Apcos Naturals, Just Herbs has a wide range of ayurvedic cosmetics.

UVHeal SafeAir

eco-friendly Covid-19 safety innovations

The WHO has now declared the novel coronavirus has the ability to spread through the air as well. This is one of the major possibilities for increasing the spread of the disease in an indoor air circulation system. This means a single carrier or infected person can spread the disease to numerous people in an enclosed space.

To contain the spread of coronavirus in closed environments, Ankit Sharma from Arific System has introduced UVHeal SafeAir. This product from a Delhi-based startup disinfects the air where it is circulated using ultraviolet germicidal radiation. These radiations have the ability to destroy the DNA or RNA of any microbe floating in the air and thereby stopping the pathogens from spreading. UVHeal SafeAir is suitable for use in all public places equipped with central air conditioning systems and thus proven to be quite effective for COVID-19 safety.

SpiceOxy Portable Ventilator

eco-friendly Covid-19 safety innovations

Difficulty in breathing is a major symptom for a Covid-19 infected person. In a densely populated country like India, hospitals do not have an adequate number of ventilators to fulfill this need. SpiceJet Technic, a subsidiary of SpiceJet has come to the rescue by introducing a lightweight, portable ventilator for patients with mild to moderate breathing issues.

This one-of-a-kind medical equipment was primarily built for sudden breathlessness among air travel passengers. It is built on the principle of Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure, which helps in maintaining oxygen levels. It is so lightweight that it can be easily transported in a bag and be used in any kind of portable application. SpiceOxy is certified by international agencies TUV and ISO.

Handmade Face Masks

eco-friendly Covid-19 safety innovations

Face masks have become the new fashion statement in the post-COVID19 era. With government rules stipulating that people must wear masks in public spaces, people have accepted the use of face masks and have found a way out making it fashionable and sustainable.

There are various small-scale units that work tirelessly to produce some innovative face masks. One such unique production we found was of Shobha Vishwanath from Weavers Village in Thiruvananthapuram. She has introduced Bodha Herbal Ayurvedic Masks made from cotton and polyester material, which is infused with Neem and Tulsi.

Another artisan named Raman Kumar Mishra from Ushakala Kendra created an innovative way of painting Madhubani art on white face masks and help poor women in rural Bihar. These visually appealing face masks started selling at INR50 and their prices have gone up to INR100 due to massive demand!

Better Home Cleaners

eco-friendly Covid-19 safety innovations

Keeping our home and surroundings clean has become more important than ever since the novel coronavirus also has the ability to settle down on surfaces. So The Better India has come out with Better Home cleaners that are totally eco-friendly and non-toxic. They have a range of dishwashing liquids, toilet cleaners, laundry liquid and floor cleaners all ensuring cleaner, safer and greener homes. Their key ingredients are purely made with active microbes, enzymes, and plant-based surfactants with no trace of harmful chemicals such as acids or bleach.

The Better Home cleaners are super-efficient in spotless cleaning with complete elimination of germs and pathogens. They are packed in bottles that are plastics recycled from landfills. These bottles can further be reused, and there is also a takeback program for refill pouches.

Bipolar Ionization For Home Disinfection

Knowing the ideal types of disinfection methods for home use is critical to keep your family safe from all types of harmful micro-organisms. If you want to avoid using chemicals that could harm your or your family’s health, then you can embrace innovative technologies such as Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization that can help kill pathogens by making them filterable and easy to eradicate. This Bipolar ionization technology generates provides air disinfection as well as cleaner air quality which is effective against SARS-CoV-2, rendering 99.4% of viral particles inactivate on a stagnant surface for 30 minutes.

The Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization device safely cleans the indoor air by creating a plasma field with positive and negative ions, which act as air filters, trapping viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms or contaminants in the air. Here are the benefits of this eco-friendly Covid-19 safety innovation:

  • This technology causes particles in the air to clump together, capturing them from the air.
  • Bipolar ionization helps control odors, including volatile organic compounds.
  • Since bipolar ionization cleans indoor air and recirculates it, which is less load on your HVAC system, it promotes energy-savings.
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization is UL 2998 validated, which means that this system has zero ozone emissions, making it environmentally friendly.


  1. The Eco friendly inventions have to be popularized in urban aeas.we know our failures: stopping thin plastic production and utilisation which block drains and also clearing them is a real task.we still see children at school going age picking the un hygienic plastic from streets withoutwearing gloves.This can be avoided. These can be collected by other agencies and better used for road laying.


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