SEED Awards for Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Development are back for 2021


The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Development for 2021 are now open for application from innovative eco-inclusive startup enterprises based in emerging economies across Asia and Africa.

SEED Awards is an annual awards scheme instituted by the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Development Programme and the International Union for Conservation of Nature that is designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally-led start-up social and environmental entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies. 

Each year, multiple award categories are on offer, ranging from region-specific awards to thematic categories such as SEED Low Carbon Awards and SEED Climate Adaptation Awards. This year applicants from India, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Thailand, Indonesia, and Botswana are invited to create a greater pool for sustainability entrepreneurship.

The SEED award supports enterprises across sectors that generate positive environmental, social and economic impacts. These eco-inclusive enterprises stimulate sustainable development to reduce poverty and combat environmental degradation. The SEED Low Carbon Awards are sponsored by the International Climate Initiative of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety.

Winners and runner-ups for the 2021 SEED Low Carbon Awards will receive a customised SEED package, that includes the tools and guidance required for the enterprise to emerging from the start-up stage and effectively scale-up the positive environmental, social and economic benefits that will help you to deliver to your target markets. Candidates can fill the application until 22 March 2021 on the SEED homepage.


Date: 26.02.2021  | Source: UNDP


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