SEED Replicator Workshop invites entrepreneurs to replicate eco-inclusive businesses


Enterprising entrepreneurs who wish to imitate eco-friendly business models and create their business are invited for the SEED Replicator Workshop to be held in Mumbai on 27 November 2018. The United Nations environment programme and the German-based International Climate Initiative are organising this event as part of a series of workshops in India, Thailand and Uganda.

The SEED Replicator Workshop Programme targets both originators of an idea and aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to replicate eco-inclusive business models in agriculture, waste management and tourism. It brings successful eco-inclusive business models that provide proven solutions to environmental challenges to be implemented in various geographic locations. The programme supports social entrepreneurs to adapt proven business models for different markets in order to multiply positive sustainability impacts.

During these workshops, aspiring entrepreneurs are empowered to adapt proven business models to their local context. Each adopter selects a particular SEED Replicator Workbook that comprises readings on proven business models in agriculture, waste management and tourism as well as tools to adapt them to their market. Afterwards, they receive the possibility to pitch their adapted business idea to original innovators who are looking for replication partners. The successful adapters of these eco-friendly businesses can apply for the SEED Awards for Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Development.
Date: 05.11.2018 | Source: SEED


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