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Ecolibrium Energy

A globally awarded company, Ecolibrium Energy helps enterprises embrace the digital era with easily implementable IoT and AI based solutions for substantial energy savings
Zenith Energy

Zenith Energy

Zenith Energy offers a complete range of services in Energy Efficiency and customized Solar Power solutions to its clients
lucent clean energy

Lucent Cleanenergy

Lucent Clean Energy is the manufacturer and global supplier of Solar encapsulants.
Vinova Energy

Vinova Energy

Vinova Energy designs and manufactures high efficiency, high performance and durable photovoltaic modules.

The Use of Nanotechnology in Solar Energy

Nanotechnology has shown promising development in the arena of renewable energy – something the world really is in thirst of.

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Shakti works collaboratively with national, state and local decision-makers to craft sound energy policies to build India’s new energy economy. We bring together experts from every sector — industry, academia, law, finance, civil society, think tanks, and more — to drive this change. We have a reputation for meticulous research and analysis, and provide policy makers with concrete, specific, and practical policy recommendations for an energy secure future.

Large-scale Power Production from Biomass Energy

Biomass has been recognized as an important source of alternate energy generation all across the world due to its various advantages including the fact that it is:
Energy efficient office

Guide for an Energy Efficient Office

Many of us wonder if energy efficient offices are really economically feasible and actually make a difference in the long run. Companies that are interested in increasing the energy efficiency of their offices can seek assistance from professional agencies to conduct an energy audit.

Design2Occupancy (d2O)

Design2Occupancy (d2O) is a replica of a challenging voyage that strides for excellence in providing Energy Efficiency products, Services and comprehensive solutions across the world.

Voyage Zero Waste Himalaya

Management of Solid Waste, Waste Water and Energy Efficiency – all falling under the aegis of Zero Waste