10 Common Things That Are Found In Every Energy-Efficient Homes


Contemporary homes are energy-efficient, and contemporary homeowners care about energy efficiency. Energy conservation not only benefits the planet and the environment but also helps cut down electricity costs. Energy-efficient homes are built by a combination of many sustainable décor elements such as energy-efficient windows, appliances, and many more. Here are the ten common things that are found in every energy-efficient home.

Sustainable Décor Elements for Energy-Efficient Homes

1. Light Reflectors

Glass is an aesthetically-pleasing décor element that reflects light and helps illuminate an interior space in a better way. Modern buildings extensively use glass façade windows, doors, and mirrors mainly for their incredible light reflection characteristics. The use of mirrors and glass ensures maximum utilization of natural light during the day and perfectly distributes light at night. That’s the reason why contemporary homes have energy-efficient windows, with double glazed glass, which prevents the sun’s heat from entering the house. Further, double or triple glass panes separated by an energy efficient inert gas can drastically reduce thermal transfer.

2. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-saving appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, fans, lights, etc., cost relatively more than ordinary appliances. However, the extra initial cost is canceled out by the savings in electricity bills. Not to forget, these appliances not only help you save energy but also help make the world a better place for the generations of today and tomorrow. Used along with other energy-saving décor elements such as insulated windows, roofs, and doors, the savings get doubled.

3. Insulated Roof: Ceiling Batts

Roof insulation has numerous benefits beyond the imagination of a common homeowner. It prevents heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter. Ceiling insulation batts is an economical and highly effective way to insulate the roof and helps minimize the need for using air conditioners and heaters. Thus, roof insulation plays a key role in making homes energy-efficient and is another common element found in every modern home.

4. Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are normally insulated windows made with double window panes of glass separated by a vacuum or an air-filled cavity. Similar to roof insulation, these windows help prevent heat gain in the summer season and heat loss in the winter season. Thus, minimizing the use of electric appliances, and making them work more efficiently. Energy-efficient double-insulated glass windows with tinted glass also help reduce the adverse effects of UV light on furniture and other home décor elements.

5. Energy-saving Lighting

Almost all modern homes have now switched from incandescent or fluorescent lights to LED lights due to their huge impact on electricity bills. Since there is no way to minimize the use of lights, the only way to prevent electricity bills from soaring is to remove the outdated lights and install modern LED lights. These LED lights are not only energy-efficient but also spread light in a better way to help illuminate every nook and corner. However, there is a need to study your home lighting needs and install the most ideal type of lights.

6. Interior Design with Efficient Daylighting

Daylighting is the concept of placing windows, doors, and other light-reflecting décor elements in such a way as to maximize natural sunlight. Interior designs with efficient daylighting not only minimize the need for artificial lights during the day, but also help us gain adequate sunlight and relish its health benefits. However, the harmful effects of UV light need to cut down with the use of tinted glass or insulated glass.

7. Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace glass doors function in a way similar to energy-efficient windows, and the idea is to prevent heat loss from the fireplace. This makes them work more efficiently and also helps minimize the energy consumption of electric fireplaces. Fireplace glass doors are not only great for electric fireplaces, but also works amazingly with other types of fireplaces as their efficiency benefits are applicable on all types. In addition to this, fireplace glass doors are aesthetically-pleasing décor elements that truly revamp the entire outlook of the living space.

8. Insulating Floor Mats or Carpets

Insulating floor mat or carpet is another common décor element found in modern energy-efficient homes. These mats were normally used in industrial places, but they have now found their way into modern homes. Insulating carpets not only conserve energy but their basic function is to protect the users from electric shocks. These mats are usually placed near electronic appliances and switchboards in modern energy-efficient homes.

9. Insulated Wooden Doors

It is a well-known fact that wood is a bad conductor of electricity, and there are endless applications of wooden doors in modern homes. insulated wooden doors can be used along with frosted glass or patterned glass to inject a sense of elite sophistication. Wooden doors can be used anywhere around the home from the entrance door & room door to the bathroom door. These doors perfectly complement the design themes of today’s home décor.

10. Natural Plants and Trees in Patio Gardens

There is no better way to promote the notion of an eco-friendly lifestyle than using an abundance of natural plants and trees in the patio area and kitchen garden. Natural plants and trees benefit a home in diverse ways. Trees planted on the western side of the home block the sun’s radiation during the day. In addition to this, plants help cleanse the air and make the living environment healthy and airy. Just like adding energy-efficient windows and appliances is important, adding natural plants and trees are also important for building energy-efficient homes.

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