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Lukka Chhupi is a brand that celebrates childhood and creativity. It was founded in 2019 with the intention of creating some fascinating eco-friendly products for kids. The brand through its products tries to capture the magic of childhood.

Founded by the Rathi Family, Lukka Chhupi is the first indigenous Indian brand that strives to create innovative products for kids. These products make for the perfect gifts for children, whether it is a birthday anniversary or a baby shower.

Lukka Chhupi products are made using the finest raw materials to ensure what kids play with is natural and healthy, unlike other synthetic and harmful toys in the market. Lukka Chhupi guarantees unmatched product quality. Along with quality, these products come with a promise to make childhood memories that are filled with laughter, joy and magic!

Lukka Chhupi aims to make daily activities of children interesting through unique and innovative products. Basically, we reimagine basics. Right now, the product range consists of apparel, dinner plates, colour pencils, drawing books, doodle pads, geometry sets and compass boxes. These products make otherwise boring or tedious moments interesting, as they have been designed to attract kids’ attention.

Baba Ramdev ward, Ward no 35, G.E. Road, Ganjpara, Chhattisgarh, India 491001

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