Tips on How Cyclists Need to Deal with Busy Traffic


Many of us have turned to cycling to both get exercise as well as also help save the environment. However, many of us are wary of riding bicycles on busy roads with lots of vehicular traffic.

When you are cycling on roads you are familiar with, you may be aware of when they become busy. But, you cannot always anticipate traffic when there are roadworks, unexpected delays and other events. So, you need to be prepared.

In other words, you need to know as a cyclist on how to deal with busy traffic, so here are some tips that can help you feel secure on the road.

Tips on how cyclists need to deal with busy traffic

We all know that it can be tempting to cycle near the road kerb when you are in busy traffic. You can feel less pressure there and allow cars to pass you when you are traveling slower than them. However, there is a chance other vehicles don’t see you. Instead, you should keep a good position in the middle of the lane, particularly when there is traffic ahead and behind you. Being in the middle of the lane ensures that cars can see you. They can anticipate your movements. You are going to feel a lot more comfortable there since you are not close to cars too.

Feel confident with your bike

You should ask yourself: how confident do you feel with your bike? You will be surprised at how differently you feel on a busy road when you do not like your bike. For instance, if you feel like it is getting old, this can mean you feel more anxious when there are a lot of cars. Particularly, cyclists commuting in cities with a lot of steep inclines on roads need to pedal hard to climb uphill.

In fact, there are a lot of cyclists who have switched to electric bikes. They like the secure feeling that an electric motor is there to back-up when they need some more power. For example, when you need to move away quickly or cycle up a hill when you have cars behind you, the motor can allow you to gain speed faster than pedaling on your own. Check out a wide range of electric bikes that provide both pedaling and battery power backup. Just ensure that you charge the battery before your journey so that you can have power whenever you need it.

Plan your journeys

The truth is that a lot of cyclists do not like traffic. It can be intimidating when you are on your bike. So, people can get frustrated and make quick decisions, which is not good for cyclists. If you feel like you do not want to be on the road during rush hours, it is best to plan your journey ahead of time.

So it is best to avoid being in traffic when you are on your bike. You can travel at quieter times or take an alternative road to keep away from busy areas. This can make cycling more pleasant for you and make sure that your stress levels are lower. Bad weather conditions also need to be planned ahead. If you have ridden the countryside, you would be prepared for it.

Always indicate and warn road users

Yes, traffic can be slow-moving at times. You might feel like there is no need to tell other road users what you are doing. After all, you know where you are going and are able to take up less space on the road. But, you also have to remember that you are more vulnerable and cars take more time to react than you will.

For your own safety, you need to make sure that you indicate where you are going. Try to signal using your hands so that other road users know. You need to give cars as much notice as possible. In some cases, it might be advisable to use a bell too. This can warn others of your position on the road if they do not see you.

Remember blind spots of large vehicles

The last thing you want to do is be sitting in someone’s blind spot. But, you can accidentally do this if you are waiting at traffic lights or are going to be turning left or right. So, this is something that you have to be mindful on the road. In particular, you need to take care when it comes to large vehicles such as buses and lorries. They are going to have bigger blind spots than ordinary cars, as well as take longer to break.

Therefore, when you are near other big vehicles in traffic, make sure that you give them enough space. You have to ensure they can see you in their mirrors. What’s more, avoid overtaking them on their left-hand side. You need to be as visible as possible.

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