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Products from Sadhev are infused with precious insights from traditional Ayurveda, delicately blended with pure ingredients, sourced responsibly and carefully from Sadhev’s own 80 acre sustainably grown organic sanctuary- Sadhevana in South India. Farmers of Sadhevana nurture the Earth with care, using sustainable farming practices steeped in ancient agricultural wisdom. Botanicals that do not grow in India are carefully sourced from their true origins, from organic estates across the world, enabling the use of only the purest and choicest ingredients in every creation. For example, Argan Oil from Morocco, Saffron Petals from the Valleys of Afghanistan, Butters from Switzerland and Rose Absolute from Bulgaria are handpicked to make Sadhev’s exotic infusions.

No.8, 6th Ave, J Block, Annanagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 600102

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