Participate in Decentralized Healthcare and Sustainable Energy Conference 2018


SELCO Foundation, IRENA and Karuna Trust as knowledge & implementation partners are co-hosting ‘Decentralized Healthcare and Sustainable Energy Conference 2018’ on 7-8 December 2018 at the NIAS campus, IISc, Bengaluru.

The two-day event will emphasize the importance of various different aspects that need to be considered for delivering health using sustainable energy as a catalyst. They would include: Mapping of typologies of healthcare delivery points; Optimizing system designs; Efficient need-based technologies; Capacity building of stakeholders and human resources at various levels; Delivery models of the services etc.

The Decentralized Healthcare and Sustainable Energy Conference will enable participants to understand:
> Role of sustainable energy in decentralizing healthcare
> Implementation models for high impact sustainable delivery of health
> Energy efficient technologies in healthcare –
> Role of public and private entities in energy+health deployment
> Policy guidelines for powering health

This workshop aims at bringing together key stakeholders from the space of Healthcare Services Delivery, Sustainable Energy and Healthcare Technology. Key stakeholders in the healthcare sector are invited to participate in this workshop, since their opinions are crucial to the discussions and eventual outcomes. Mail at to register for the workshop.
Date: 30.11.2018 | Source Name: SELCO Foundation

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