Six Benefits of Having Kitchen Compost Bins


Garbage disposal is a major pain point for all households to deal with every day. However, if you take a look at your garbage, you will most probably find that half of it could go into compost. If you mindfully separate the biodegradable waste from waste that isn’t, you would have already begun the process of composting, which is a great way of fertilizing your plants and garden. 

Composting is easy and can be done by anyone in your household without much effort. The only disadvantage of open composting is that it can emit a bad odor due to decaying waste kept open for longer periods. This is surely not a good sight inside your home. This is why particular compost bins are required for such initiatives.

6 benefits of kitchen compost bins

Here is a list of the benefits of having kitchen compost bins to reduce the disadvantages of waste composting at home:

1. Less Odour

Keeping a bin bag of biodegradable waste might not seem to be an appealing initiative if you think of the odor that is emitted by your household waste. Keeping compost means that the material will have to be kept much longer as compared to throwing the trash out daily. This issue can be tackled by investing in quality compost bins such as Bokashi Bins that are sealed shut and don’t emit any odour.

Bokashi composting is an anaerobic process that relies on inoculated bran to ferment all kinds of kitchen waste into safe compost. Such Bokashi bins are so efficient that you can even compost waste that isn’t as highly recommended such as meat and dairy. This means that you can compost a variety of food products without having to worry about the consequences of rotting. 

2. Less Waste

Keeping a compost bin means that you may begin to throw away less garbage. Compost bins that can accommodate different types of waste such as meat, meaning that your regular bin will be only kept for waste like paper and plastic. If you are particular about staying away from plastic products, then your regular bin may never over-fill. This means that you contribute to the overall environmental wellness by keeping it clear of waste that you may have otherwise thrown out had you not had a compost bin.

3. Compost Bins are Tidy

If you decide to compost and use an old bin bag, you may have to get used to the sight. Others choose to create a space in their backyard compost pit where organic waste is gathered. This however may cause issues such as breeding of mosquitoes or a hideout for reptiles such as snakes. Compost bins, on the other hand, can be tidily placed in the corner of your kitchen or the backyard. This means that your household will remain aesthetically appealing without any eyesores of decaying waste. 

4. Space-Friendly

There are different ways of getting creative about how to gather compost for your garden. Some dig a hole in the backyard meaning the waste is tucked away. However, that space could have been used to plant a more spacious garden. Others use waste packets and freeze these then take them out when ready to add to the garden or plants. This however means that there may not be enough space to freeze the food that you need to. Compost bins are compact and portable meaning the waste doesn’t infringe in your space. 

5. Makes Kitchen Attractive

If you decide to place your compost bin in the kitchen, the design and look of your kitchen may be enhanced. You can choose different colors and styles of compost bins that complement your kitchen theme. These become a part of your interior decor while efficiently storing away your waste. 

6. More Efficient

Instead of packing away waste in bin bags that you will have to constantly purchase, a compost bin is a once-off purchase until you wish to change it or add more bins in your home. This means that compost bins are resourceful and efficient. The funds you may have spent constantly buying bin bags to fit your daily waste can then go to other priorities. 

Make sure to purchase your compost bins from reputable and recommended vendors for the best quality compost. The material used to make a compost bin differs from that of an ordinary kitchen bin so it’s important to make sure that you are purchasing an authentic compost bin.


The benefits of having a compost bin are many. Instead of stuffing waste in bin bags or your backyard compost pit, you can utilise such bins to keep away waste. You no longer have to constantly spray fresheners in your kitchen to rid of the decomposing waste. Compost bins also mean that you throw away less waste as they can hold all kinds of foodstuffs such as meat. These bins are also tidy as the waste is tucked away, are space friendly, make the kitchen attractive, and are resourceful. 

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