Top Characteristics to Keep in Mind Other than Solar Inverter Price


A solar inverter is a power inverter that converts the variable direct current (DC) into a utility frequency alternating current (AC). Because of an increased interest in renewable energy, the demand for solar power systems has reached new heights. The idea of the sun powering your entire house and saving electricity bills is quite appealing. Thus, solar panels have taken over the market.

Now, it is important to know that a solar panel works best with its major components working properly. Solar inverter is one such component that is the heart of solar panels. Being the most crucial part of a solar system, a solar inverter converts the energy output from solar panels into usable electricity to run equipment at your home and workplace.

Types of Solar Inverters

There are basically five types of solar inverters, and before knowing more about the solar inverter price and investing in them, we must understand the different kinds of inverters:

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Battery Inverters

A battery inverter is a type of inverter wherein you can keep the battery in a solar system or keep it separate from your solar panels and run it through a different inverter. Here the battery can be kept in or kept out separately or may be used for a different inverter.

Central Inverters

They are huge inverters and can be used for systems that require hundreds of kilowatts and sometimes megawatts of volume. These inverters are not meant for residential purposes and are generally used commercially for large-scale installations or utility-scale solar farms.

Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters are also popularly known as multi-mode inverters. It is a combination of both a grid tie and an off-grid solar inverter. It transforms a DC form of electricity into AC and helps to power your appliances. It can do both, i.e., charge solar batteries and export the utility grid. They are a simple and economical way to add battery storage.

Micro Inverters

The name is self-explanatory, i.e., they are quite small, and the ratio of solar panels to micro-inverters is 1:1. The benefit of these inverters is that they optimize each solar panel individually, which offers more energy. It is a plug-and-play device. Microinverters are recommended on most home solar projects since most roofs have some sort of shading.

String Inverters

These are the most common inverters that are used for residential purposes, and there is usually one string inverter per solar installation. The string of solar panels is connected to them; thus, they are named string inverters. Now that you know different types of inverters, here are some key notes that should be kept in mind before investing other than solar inverter prices.

Size of Solar Inverters

The appropriate size of inverter that one must buy is one of the most asked questions from buyers. It is advisable to buy a solar inverter that can handle max power that a solar system can produce. Ensure your inverter’s kilowatts rating is equal to or more than the solar panel’s output.

Weatherproof Inverters

Apart from solar inverter prices, this is an important point to consider while purchasing solar inverters. The more protected your solar inverter is, the longer it will last and the better it will perform. Also, if it is weatherproof, it will offer you more flexibility when it comes to placement. If not, you may need to get a weatherproof cage.

Solar Inverter Warranty

Most grid-connected inverters usually last around 10-20 years, and at minimum, they should last for like ten years. Depending on the inverter, warranties usually last for 5-12 years with some exceptional extensions. Therefore, go for the warranty that the solar inverter offers you the best.

Estimate your Power Requirements

Before setting up a solar inverter, you must calculate your power requirements; this will help achieve a rough estimation. According to your usage, the requirements will vary, and you will have to choose a high-performance solar inverter.

Thus, the solar inverter price is not the only criterion for determining the best solar inverters. This is a guide on how to look at various prospects before purchasing solar inverters. Luminous is the one-stop solution for all that you might be looking for. Durable, efficient, and low solar inverter price is their specialization, and it is highly recommended to buy from them. Check out their website for a clear overview of all that they offer, along with the solar inverter price lists.

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