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We Plantsforlife are succulent enthusiasts and cactus collectors. Succulents are hardy, easy to grow, hard to kill and beautiful slow growing plants. Best thing about succulents is that they are very easy to be propogated. Some plants are grown  in the nursery,  in beds, or inside in greenhouses. We at Plantsforlife prepare customised succulent arrangements to be gifted and share the love of plants among your people

My self Niha Noorain an engineer by profession and also succulent enthusiast, owning this small business.  personally involved in all operations, including growing plants, hand picking the plants and pots, supervising the growth progress , and selling succulent arrangments to customers.

Working as a succulent hobbyist is fun, but it is also physically and financially demanding. Some plants must be grown in greenhouses, which are usually very hot and humid. Most work is done outdoors in all kinds of weather, starting in the early morning with watering, weeding . Throughout the day, there's a lot of bending, digging, stretching, and lifting of plant containers and equipment.load and unload shipments of trees and shrubs, transport heavy bags of soil,  and make deliveries to customers homes

the whole point of doing this not to make money out of it but to make my hobby self sustainable and to promote Environmentally sustainable interior design .

#2328, 2nd stage, Rajeev Nagar, Mysore, Karnataka, India 570007

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