Infographic on Green Investing shows profitability is possible


Going green is a rapidly growing movement across the globe and the best part is that anyone can get involved! There’s always some way to help, whether it’s making eco-friendly swaps at home or volunteering with environmental organizations. Unfortunately, we have reached a critical point where the famous slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle” isn’t always enough. We need to get everyone on board in order to slow down our path towards an inhabitable planet.

Shopping products from companies that are committed to making positive environmental and social changes can make a huge difference (provided it is financially feasible!). The practice of “voting with your dollar” encourages companies to move toward corporate sustainability. Further, at the same time, it boosts the growing green economy!

If you want to take your efforts to the next level, it might be time to make some green investments. Green investing is just what you would think — the practice of investing in companies or funds committed to protecting the environment. It is merely a myth that profitability and environmental sustainability can’t go hand in hand. Be it rooftop solar power, or green building, or organic food production, there are plenty of socially-responsible funds that are also profitable.

Through your eco-investments, you’ll not only be helping make positive change, but you’ll be growing your savings! If you’re interested in learning more about green investing, check out this infographic by Lexington Law that goes through some of the basics.

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