How To Make Your DIY Home Projects More Sustainable


Author – Rashi Akanksha

There is a certain thrill in creating things on our own. That is exactly what makes our home so endearing since we are proud of things that make our home well furnished. Further, DIY or the ‘Do It Yourself’ projects are a great way utilize your time and available resources and convert them into something stylish. DIYing can help you enhance skills, present your creative side and save money.

Anything that includes the use of natural resources and energy in a method that is environmentally friendly and can last for a very long period could be termed as ‘sustainable’. Your DIY home projects could be made more sustainable or eco-friendly by some simple tips and tricks.

Reuse newspaper

Recycled Paper MacheNewspaper is quite an underrated sustainable material available at our homes. Piles of newspaper are given away for recycling but little do you know that they can be turned into some eye-catching home decor. Paper mache products are extremely sustainable and long-lasting DIYs. These could be easily made by soaking newspapers in water for 2-3 hours and then mashing up the papers. You just shape them with PVA glue from PVA suppliers and then paint. Tada! Old newspapers can also be used as gift wraps for some aesthetic touch.

Reuse egg cartons

Similarly, egg cartons made out of cardboard can be used for varied DIY activities at home. You could plant seeds in cartons, cut out the individual cups once the plants sprout, and then plant the seeds in the ground outside. The entire carton can also be planted in the ground because it biodegrades easily. Small hardware like screws and nails can be organized with the help of an egg carton. To easily organize condiments inside the refrigerator, use an egg carton.

Reuse Tin Cans

Tin cans used for serving cold drinks and oils can serve really well as containers for creative crafty projects. If you are creative enough, tin lanterns would look wonderful as a table centerpiece or hung on a patio. They are durable both inside and outside thanks to a baked-on powder coating. Even old tin cans can be used to create rustic flower vases. Colourful wind chimes can be created with tin cans by decorating them with beads and buttons.

Shop at your own home

Before packing up the least used dishes into boxes think about the amazing wall hangings they could make. The large styrofoam blocks used for packaging appliances could be used to make a small house for your pets. The attractive details of old furniture are frequently excellent, but the upholstery may be outmoded or plain faded. Furniture can be given a second life by getting it reupholstered.

DIY glass material

Eco Ideaz

Anyone with a little DIY experience can build a bird feeder out of an old wine bottle. Glass bottles that have been empty make excellent containers for holding cleaning liquids. Simply switch the spray nozzle from a used plastic bottle to a glass bottle. Spray bottles come in handy for numerous housekeeping tasks like watering plants and cleaning surfaces. Do you need to put those tiny glass honey jars to use again? Use these to make any space feel nice by adding home-made candles in them. With just three materials and PVA glue from any PVA suppliers, you can create a beautiful suncatcher out of blue and green bottles. It can be hung from a window to reflect lovely light!

Home-made personal care kit


Chemicals are omnipresent in our daily life starting from floor cleaning material to the packaged food we consume. Fortunately, safer alternatives are easily available at home that can be used for household remedies. You can use vinegar and baking soda as cleaner disinfectant, lamp ash as eyeliner, lemongrass and basil as mosquito repellents, lavender and coconut oil as body moisturizer. These are quite easy-to-prepare, toxic-free, eco-friendly alternatives to toxic chemicals at home.

Put old wood to use

Eco Ideaz

Wood is one of the most durable materials found at home that can preserve your DIY home projects for a long time. Almost all solid wood pieces can be repurposed. Any old wooden plank from beds or tables could be converted into bookshelves, wooden wall art, and foldable wall tables with a few hinges. Similarly, large quantities of wood shavings or scraps are left behind during building restorations. Give your local composting facility your scrap wood as an eco-friendly alternative. Community composting facilities produce organic fertilizers by combining wood shavings, food scraps, and other biodegradable materials.

Repurpose old clothes


We often tend to throw away old clothes such as jeans, bedsheets, curtains, shirts, and so on without realizing their reusability. These clothes can be repurposed or upcycled into various DIY projects for home decor. The back pockets of any torn jeans or the front pockets of shirts could be detached and used as pocket organisers. Old curtains and bedsheets can be sewn into cushion covers. They can also be made into trendy tote bags or a Boho-styled rug.

Planting a green DIY

A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house. Plants enhance the beauty of your house and spread a positive feeling. Plant DIY is one of the simplest DIY home projects to put your old bottles, shampoo bottles and plastic tubs to use by making small planters. Cups with broken handles or egg holders could be put to use by making mini plant heads or succulents. Paint your used ice cream tubs and here you have another plant holder. You can decorate it with bottle caps or sea shells.

A fashionable DIY


Making your own jewellery is an enjoyable undertaking that enables you to own a distinctive accessory that you certainly won’t find anywhere else. How about taking it a step further and creating eco-friendly jewelry to show off your commitment to sustainability? Plain bangles could be made new and classy by fabric wrapping them with different coloured cloth pieces. You could even recycle old plastic bottles with vibrant colours into neck jewellery and bracelets by cutting the bottles into small chips. Use the recycled buttons to make a ring or hand bracelets.

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