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Hasirufy Concepts is an ecofriendly, zero-waste event management firm.  Based in Bengaluru, the firm aims at providing event management services through out the country.  Right from the designing of the invitation (e-invite) to planning the return gifts/exchange of gifts, Hasirufy Concepts ensures that every aspect of the event is managed in an eco-friendly way.  This firm was founded by Pragathi Badarinath, a biotechnologist by education and an environmentalist by passion. Hasirufy Concepts provides the following services:

  1. Entire event planning and managing:  Here every single aspect of the event is planned, monitored and executed.  Be it a small pooja at home or a big fat wedding, Hasirufy Concepts caters to all sorts of events.
  2. Decors:  Here Hasirufy Concepts makes ecofriendly decor items to the theme requested by the client at a reasonable price.  So the client can just buy the eco-friendly decor items from Hasirufy Concepts and do the decoration on their own.  This way Hasirufy Concepts decors are reaching various parts of the country.
  3. Renting:  Here, Hasirufy Concepts rents out ecofriendly event items to the clients at the reasonable prices.
  4. Hasirufy Gifts:  In the name of gifts, unnecessary useless plastic items are given which are easily breakable and hence an added burden to the landfill. Also, these gifts are sold with unnecessary plastic  wrappers.  These gifts are in turn wrapped in plastic gift wrappers by the client.  So in order to eradicate this, Hasirufy Concepts is tied up with a variety of ecofriendly gift vendors and manufacturers.  Hasirufy Concepts gets these items without any plastic covering and they pack the gift in beautiful cloth pouches and sell them to the client.  This way, the client doesn't have to wrap the gift again in any plastic wrappers.
  5. Hasirufy Festivals:  Here Hasirufy Concepts come up with ecofriendly alternatives for festivals.  Eg, for Sankranti, instead of using zip lock plastic covers, Hasirufy Concepts sell cotton pouches which can later be used to store vegetables in the fridge too.
  6. Hasirufy Knowledge:  Here Hasirufy Concepts conduct sessions on ecofriendly alternatives.  For eg., bioenzyme making session, etc.
Karnataka, India 560102

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