Upcycling, recycling innovators invited for Kabaad Mela 2017



Kabaad Ka Jugaad is organizing the Kabaad Mela Mumbai 2017, India’s first green innovation competition for waste upcycling on 14-15 October. This is the second edition of this unique event conducted by Kabaad Ka Jugaad, an environmental project by a non-profit organization named Proinnovate Upcycling Foundation. This NGO is building a powerful upcycling movement across the country by inspiring youngsters to innovatively upcycle waste for creating a sustainable environment. Unlike recycling that spends enormous energy to reprocess waste, Upcycling is a process of transforming waste materials and by-products into new useful sustainable products that can solve environmental problems such as landfill, pollution, etc.

After a successful debut in 2016, Kabaad Ka Jugaad has outlined a bigger version of the event this year which is happening in two phases. The first event is the upcycling competition where teams from across the country are expected to submit their designs online and seek votes. Winners will win prizes worth INR 3 lakhs in cash and gift vouchers. The top 40 shortlisted candidates will be displaying the innovations at the Kabaad Mela 2017, which is the second phase where range of gala events will take place.

The organizers have invited retailers and producers who offer eco-friendly products such as upcycled fashion accessories, bags, stationery, organic food, green gadgets, to set stall space at the Kabaad Mela 2017. If you are similar to those companies listed in our Green Directory, please check the event details and respond soon –

  • Venue – Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, Mumbai
  • Event dates – 14 & 15 October 2017
  • Expected footfall – 12,000
  • Number of stalls available – 15
  • Stall size – 6×6 feet
  • Contact – editor@ecoideaz.com
  • Event details – Kabaad Ka Jugaad website

Submit your Green Idea or Eco-friendly company to info@ecoideaz.com, we feature some of the best Eco Ideas from India.


  1. We are importer from UK/Europe.
    Exporters and small business owners with Eco products please get in contact

  2. Is there a 2018 edition in the pipeline? Our Mumbai-based brand Earthy Zest can’t wait to be a part of it!

    • Hi Avinash,
      Kabaad Mela happened recently in October, so please patient for the next edition hopefully to be held in October 2018


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