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Kombucha is a 2000 years old tradition. A tradition of friendship, love and health. Passed on through generations of friends and family with love. Kombucha is made by ‘Millions of buddies”, these buddies or good bacteria and yeast give Kombucha the unique taste, flavor and health benefits. Which help improve your gut health and immunity.Our first date with Kombucha was a few years ago and it was love at “First sip”. We have enjoyed drinking every sip of Kombucha since then. We were destined to feel and spread this tradition of friendship, love and health.

The journey called “FlyingKombucha” was hence born to spread this tradition beyond our family and friends. With Flying Kombucha we have revived this 2000 year old tradition. At FlyingKombucha we have sourced each ingredient with care and love from different parts of India. The Certified Organic Green Tea travels from the Mist Kissed Mountains of Nilgiris, while the Certified Organic Sugar comes from Lucknow, Strawberry from Mahabaleshwar, Turmeric from Erode, and so on. These ingredients are used to create the magical drink called Kombucha…just for you...! Each Sip of FlyingKombucha has a delicately sweet, delicately tangy and naturally fizzy taste. The “Feel Good” and “Taste Good” feeling lingers on…..connecting you to yourself and your loved ones.Come fall in love and spread the tradition of friendship, love and health...!

#83, 1st Floor, 2nd Cross, R.K. Colony, Marenahalli, 2nd Phase JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560078

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