Gozo – A Sustainable Travel Destination to Experience Agritourism


We are fortunate to be living in a world that is far more environmentally conscious than previous generations. As the scientific evidence on the human effects of global warming start to manifest, the fight against climate change has taken on a new sense of urgency. While the effects of climate change are undeniably drastic, it is not all doom and gloom; we have some reasons to be hopeful.

We can still hold out hope in the fight against climate change since the rising awareness of the environmental problem is leading to a more ecologically responsible society. It is now generally accepted that climate change is real, man-made, and that the underlying science is accurate.

Yet, there are few live examples of an eco-conscious society that is living in harmony with nature. An agritourist holiday on the Maltese island of Gozo is one such perfect getaway for anyone who wants experience sustainable society living with minimal environmental impact. But what exactly is agritourism and what makes Gozo such a perfect destination for witnessing it?


In response to the growing desire among most people to live eco-friendly lives, a new type of tourism has emerged. The desire to travel the world, to explore, and to encounter new people and cultures is an admirable one. Most travellers embark upon their journeys with the best of intentions. But even the most well-meaning passenger on an airplane has the same carbon footprint as everyone else.

Agritourism is an attempt like eco-tourism at redressing this imbalance. It is a way for tourists to travel to other countries and leave them in a better state than they found them. The work of each individual holidaymaker who takes an agritourist holiday might not be much alone. But the idea is that the cumulative effect of lots of travellers making a small contribution is massive.

Agritourist holidays tend to feature cheaper accommodation than usual. In many cases the accommodation is free, you pay your way by helping out on the farm. Some places will charge you for your stay but will pay you for work you complete. This allows you to either work until you make a profit, or to offset some of the costs of your holiday by working.

For those who are deeply passionate about environmentalism, these agritourist holidays make for fascinating and important case studies. Where they exist, agritourism destinations have proven themselves to be an effective way of making a real positive difference to local agriculture. The problem of holidaymakers wreaking unintentional destruction upon local ecosystems is a longstanding one, and agritourist holidays are an elegant solution.

Be aware though, a holiday that is advertised as agritourist or ecologically friendly can still be very damaging to the environment if it is not operated properly. You should investigate any holiday companies, tour operators, and other organisations that advertise agritourist holidays. Make sure that the trip you take is an official and a responsible one.

Why Gozo Agritourism?

The idyllic Maltese island of Gozo is the perfect setting for such an agritourist holiday on the Mediterranean Sea. Gozo even won an award at the World’s Best Sustainable Destinations at ITB Berlin trade fair. Travellers can spend their days basking in the warm sun and taking in the surrounding countryside, while helping locals to harvest organic crops. For those who prefer to work with animals, there are also a number of free-range farms that need volunteers willing to get up close and personal with their livestock. If you stay in one of these farms, then not only will you be able to appreciate the wonderful Maltese countryside during the day, but at night you will experience the authentic feeling of waking up in a traditional stone farmhouse.

While You Are There

While you are on the island of Gozo you will have easy access to the rest of Malta. There is plenty to explore around the capital, Valletta, which is home to some gorgeous architecture. Malta’s strategic geographic location and illustrious history has left it with an architectural style, which is a unique blend of Western and African influences.
Malta is a small country that can easily be explored on foot in combination with public transport, which is quite affordable. Depending on the season, you can also take longer day-hikes across the island, which is not advisable during the hot summers though.

Most of us would like to be able to travel more, to see more of the world, and to experience as much of our planet as possible. However, many of us are also worried about the environmental impact of such indulgences. For those who want to travel the globe while having a minimal impact on the environment, agritourism is the perfect solution and Gozo maybe the best destination.

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