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Dinearth is new age reusable and recyclable tableware, created to cast a green reflection of today onto tomorrow. Through Dinearth, we can create a smart, safe and a pure Earth and live as one with nature.

At Dinearth, we strongly believe that every action can have a positive reaction and that every change that we imbibe, however miniscule will generate its own positive impact in the future. This is why we have devised our new age biodegradable and compostable line of tableware is envisioned to create a shroud of much needed green today, for the future to reap tomorrow.Our compostable and biodegradable line of tableware is made of 100% natural sugar cane pulp. Sugarcane is the chosen ingredient in our success story of the future because it is a non-food renewable resource which yields a new harvest year after year for generations to come. After the sugar cane stalk has been processed for its, primary ingredient; sugar, there is a plant fibre that stays behind as a remnant.

"Unit No. 1314,13th Floor, Hubtown Solaris, N.S.Phadke Marg,Opp.Telli Galli, Near East-West Flyover, Andheri-East",Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400069

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