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LED lamps are quite a rage aboard and they are becoming popular in India as well. LEDs are slowly evolving to dominate the Indian market and it is just a matter of time, when these eco-friendly lights will become singularly dominant. They may become the only lighting technology to be used for both commercial and household lighting.

Various Indian companies have realised the potential of LED lamps and we have looked at a few prominent LED lamp brands by manufacturing companies in the Indian market:

Bajaj Electricals

LED Lamps in India - iLED DLR Squadra 6W downlight
iLED DLR Squadra 6W downlight

Bajaj Electricals is a leading Indian consumer electrical equipments company that provides solutions for architectural lighting, commercial and residential lighting purposes. The company offers a wide range of lighting products and lamps such as Home Deco Lighting, CFL lights, Decorative LED Luminaires, LED Lights and Portable Lights. In indoor lighting, it has everything from a bulb, to a lantern, and in outdoor from down lights to track lights. Bajaj’s range of products include commercial and office lighting such as iLED DLR Squadra 6W downlight costing INR6,000, Hyperion Circa Duo costing INR1,750, iLED Rigid Bar costing INR1,100, etc. Similarly, the company’s consumer lighting range covers products like Bajaj LEDZ lamp costing INR900, LEDGLOW 120 LB costing INR375, etc.

Philips Lighting

LED Lamps in India - Lamp Philips L Prize
Lamp Philips L Prize

Philips Lighting is a division of Philips Electronics based in Netherlands. This company is the oldest and the most prominent lighting brand in India. Being the leader in LED lighting, Philips has a wide range of offerings such as: Green LED category, Lighting Electronics, Professional Luminaires, Lifestyle Modular Switches with protective technology, Home Decorative Lighting collection, etc. Philips boasts the best LED bulb in the global market – the ‘Philips L-Prize’, which won the L Prize competition organized by the US government. This LED bulb uses just 9.7 watts power to create warmer, brighter light than a 60-watt incandescent bulb. However, the Philips Master LED series offered in the Indian market is quite costly at around INR3,000-6,000.

Havells India

Polo Plus Square LED
Polo Plus Square LED

Havells India is another popular lighting brand in India. Havells gained an entry a bigger market across the globe, when it acquired Sylvania in 2007, and since then has stood among the world’s top five lighting companies. It entered the LED market in 2010, and is currently one of the leading manufacturers. The company offers a diverse variety of LED lamps that include: Endura Linear – long LED lighting fixture, Novastar – 7W LED spotlight, Softline Brilliant – LED recess mounting luminaire, Polo Plus SQ – LED Ultra bright compact downlighter, Endura Flat Panel 16W – LED recess mounting luminaire and others. Havells’ widely popular LED lamps include Lumen B22 series and the white adore series. These lamps cost anywhere around INR600-4500, which makes them the cheapest LED lamps available.

MIC Electronics

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, MIC Electronics has made its presence felt nationwide in the domain of LED lighting solutions, video and graphic displays. Its LED lighting solutions is broadly divided into indoor, outdoor, portable and solar LED lighting segments. There are a number of LED lamps in these segments such as the LED Angel lamp, down light, area light, LED portable lanterns, etc, which range from 1W for table and portable lamps, while area lights for a moderate sized room begin from 9W.  All of these products have appealing aesthetics, a range of colors, high lumen output, light weight, and a lifespan of 50,000 burning hours.  The most important feature, as in all MIC products, is that they are encased in aluminum.

Reiz Electrocontrols

LED Lamp Reiz Wall mounted Jet
Lamp Reiz Wall mounted Jet

Reiz Electrocontrols has its headquarters as well as manufacturing unit in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company mainly manufactures LED assembled products. The indoor lighting section of Reiz is very extensive, providing their customers with a wide range of lamps. Area lamps, desk lamps, spot lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps of weird shapes and sizes can be found here.  Some common features for most lamps are: constructed in aluminum die-cast and pressed metal sheet, have optic grade PMMA lens, have high UV & corrosion resistance and total harmonic distortion of <15%, power factor of >0.95.

Abby Lighting & Switchgear

Lamp Abby Spot and ceiling light
Lamp Abby Spot and ceiling light

Abby Lighting is a manufacturer and supplier of professional lighting systems. The company is famous for its architectural LED lamps, which come under the category of house fashion. Abby’s lamps come with features like aluminum construction, black anodization, lumen output of 800 and LED life of 50,000 hours.  The input voltage for any Abby product does not exceed 240V, while the power does not exceed 24W.  The lamp lens is of high efficiency PMMA type.  Overall, all the products by Abby are energy efficient.

GE Lighting

Lamp GE Evolve LED Area Light
Lamp GE Evolve LED Area Light

GE Lighting is the division of the US-based multinational company, General Electric. The company is famous for its LED light bulbs, which come in various shapes and sizes, but mostly fall in the same power class. GE Lighting’s entire product line is branded as GE Energy Smart LED lamps. These lamps have a long life as well as dimming capacity. Lifetime is of 15,000 hours and they contain no lead or mercury.  The lumen capacity is around 60 with a voltage of 220-240. GE most popular light bulb is Reveal LED bulb, whose price starts from INR1000 (cost varies on watts).


Orpat LED emergency light
Orpat LED emergency light

This Gujarat-based company has an international as well as a national presence. Products offered by them range from electrical, to fans, to electronics. Orpat offers a variety of LED lights in its emergency lights collection. These lamps have unique shapes of vertically long lanterns with a holder and a wall hanger. Orpat’s LED lantern has an operating time of 20 hours and a battery charging time of maximum 24 hours.  The LED has a life of 11 years. There are battery overcharge and deep discharge protection features, along with a charge power indicator. The price of Orpat lamps range from INR1,100 to INR1,300.

Review - LED lamps manufacturing companies in India
  • Bajaj Electricals
  • Philips Lighting
  • Havells India
  • MIC Electronics
  • Reiz Electrocontrols
  • Abby Lighting & Switchgear
  • GE Lighting
  • Orpat
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