India Plastic Challenge invites ideas to eliminate single use plastics


The Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEFCC) in collaboration with is organizing the India Plastic Challenge – Hackathon 2021. This virtual competition is being held in association with GIZ and the Climate Collective in order to spur innovation and entrepreneurship in tackling plastic waste pollution and elimination of single use plastics.

This is a unique competition inviting startups and graduate students to develop innovative solutions to mitigate plastic pollution and develop alternatives to single use plastics. This hackathon is being organized in two phases focussing largely on:

  1. A digital solution for plastic waste 
  2. Elimination of single-use plastic

The main themes are identification of plastic waste, its assessment, management, collection, and disposal, procuring ideas for the circular economy, connecting the national database on plastic, plastic alternatives, innovation in packaging to reduce waste, and decentralizing recycling technologies. 

The program schedule for the India Plastic Challenge hackathon is as follows:

  • Half-day workshop on designing the business case
  • Coaching on developing business cases
  • Mentoring sessions with industry executives
  • Pitching session & award ceremony

The top 3 students and startups winning the competition would be awarded prize money worth INR1 lakh and 5 lakhs each respectively, along with gaining insights by participating in workshops and coaching sessions on developing business cases and pitching their idea to industry executives. Interested innovators are requested to register and submit their ideas soon and the results would be declared on 13th August 2021.


Date: 02-08-2021 | Source name: MOEFCC


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