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Creating a Cleaner Climate is a mission everyone at A2Z Infrastructure is dedicated to and that is why forays have been planned into the space of Municipal Solid Waste Management and Renewable Energy. It upholds the business of collection, segregation, and transportation of municipal solid wastes on design, renovate, operate, maintain and transfer or on a commercial basis for municipal corporations/local authorities/governmental authorities.

As one of the leading Indian Waste Management companies, we are proud of setting up the biggest, single location Integrated Resource Recovery Facility (IRRF) in Asia as well as setting up one of the first IRRF with ESCO focus.

We have pioneered the concept of IRRF right from C&T (collection and transportation) to P&D (processing and disposal) by utilizing all items that have not remained useful in their present form any longer. In India, so far, the projects are being done piecemeal. While C&T is done separately by different agencies, P&D is managed by the government through an outsourcing model.

Gurgaon, Haryana, India 122001

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