Pollution Control Measures for Diwali 2016



Regional and central government authorities have brought out various legislative measures to reduce air and sound pollution for this Diwali. People burst enormous amount of fire crackers during Diwali, the festival of lights, which causes a lot of air and sound pollution. To put a check on the severe air and sound pollution from the environment point of view, government agencies are implementing legislative measures this year:

  • Issuing license to cracker traders on condition of producing only fire crackers of sound intensity less than 125 decibels.
  • Calcutta High Court has set the limit of 90 dB for fire crackers
  • Ban on Chinese fire crackers
  • Fire crackers need to be tested for intensity of noise produced and accordingly get approval for sale
  • Nashik Municipal Corporation has imposed clean environment charges of INR3,000 on each fire cracker retailers
  • Weekly monitoring of noise and air pollution during Diwali in all major cities of India
  • Punjab Pollution Control Board to telecast videos in all cinema halls to create awareness regarding air and sound pollution among people and promote eco-friendly Diwali.

Green Diwali campaign at Chandigarh at school to promote eco-friendly Diwali

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