Artisans and upcycled product makers invited to Scrapshala’s Eco-Friendly Flea Market


Scrapshala invites artisans and upcycled handicraft makers to collaborate and participate in its first eco-friendly flea market in Varanasi on 13th October 2019. It will be the first of its kind event in Varanasi, hosting a diverse range of DIY workshops, upcycled games and fun activities as part of the event.

Scrapshala was founded by Shikha Shah in 2016 as a social enterprise that not only makes beautiful upcycled products out of waste material, but also empowering local artisans along the way. The name Scrapshala is a bilingual portmanteau of the words ‘scrap’ and ‘shala’ (classroom) that could well mean a workshop for creating upcycled products from discarded materials, is working towards creating decorative products from waste materials and discarded items.

Scrapshala’s eco-friendly flea market aims to promote small scale sustainable businesses which provide a wide range of eco-friendly alternatives to local people in the holy city and create marketplace for all the vendors. Scrapshala is inviting vendors and green product makers who are manufacturing or handcrafting sustainable products and would like to reach out to the market in Uttar Pradesh. They can either take a stall space or work on a revenue share on sales. It will first of its kind event in Varanasi and will be completely plastic-free.

Here is a list of eco-friendly products and handicrafts on display at Scrapshala’s eco-friendly flea market:
* Organic farm products by Abhishek
* Healthy bakes by Ashita
* Health drinks by Shikha Kulesh
* Sanitary napkins by Niveda
* Organic housekeeping products and mosquito repellents by Gayatri
* Terracotta products and jewellery by Terrabarn Poornima
* Natural bath scrubs by Rashmi Kejriwal
* Homemade chocolates by Shruti
* Fresh salads and dips by Neha Shah
* Book swap and library by Priyanka Nawalgaria
* Organic compost and cowdung logs by Shubham
* Skin care products by Your Hexagon
* Plants and bonsai by Madhu Shah

Interested artisans and product makers can contact Scrapshala here and register for the event
Date: 04.10.2019 | Source: Scrapshala


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