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Leafy Affair is India's first designer label for terrarium jewellery... Wear green with style! Supriya Donthi creates miniature terrariums with preserved colourful moss, bark, pebbles in small glasses jars, bulbs and bottles, and held shut with corks. These are then used as jewellery pieces either as pendants attached to chains, earrings or even as part of charm bracelets — you don’t need to take care of it.

Leafy Affair bottles come in different shapes — oval, square, tear-drop, heart, and our personal favourite are the small square-shaped ones and the bulb-earrings. They can also make coloured terrariums with the glass in blue, lilac, pink, or even green but the transparent ones would best. You can ask for customised jewellery with your own specifications like which charm in particular and the colours of the moss.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560001

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