InnoFest 2016 to showcase India’s best innovators in Bangalore



InnoFest 2016, an annual innovation festival that brings together innovators to enable them to showcase their entrepreneurial prowess, is being organized in Bengaluru on 8 December 2016. This is a platform where grassroots innovators can connect with enablers, experts, mentors and peers to take their ideas to the next level.

The event is being organised by iSPIRT (the Indian Software Product Industry Roundtable) – with an aim to help innovators convert their concepts into scalable, sustainable enterprises. InnoFest 2016 features events such as Innofest Showcase, Panel Discussion, Pop-Up Makerspace and Product Assembly Process Workshop. Founders of high-profile startups such as Practo, InMobi, RedBus, Portea Medical, FreeCharge and PayTM are expected to be participate in the proceedings.

Innofest is being organized as a ‘festival for Indian innovations’ that offers a day-long experience of interaction with India’s best innovators, entrepreneurial thinkers, political leaders, creative youngsters, and potential patrons interested in backing new ventures. The day-long event will feature influential speakers like Sharad Sharma, Vishwanathan Sahasranamam, Manish Singhal, Avinash Kaushik, Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, Apoorva Agarwal, and Harsha Angeri, among others.

Apart from providing the much sought after networking platform to innovators and entrepreneurs, Innofest seeks to debunk the global belief that India cannot innovate. According to Prathibha Sastry, Fellow at iSPIRT, “Innofest is going to be for three sets of people. For the people who want to build a prototype, for the people who have built one and looking at patenting, and someone who wants to scale the products that they have built.”

Date:  29 November 2016 | Source: Innofest


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