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IKTARA stands by the philosophy that all of us including other living beings are connected to each other by the single common thread of nature. If we all begin to live in sync, we can create some wonderful music together. At IKTARA, we make Eco-friendly living easier by bringing green alternatives closer to you. Most of us today, are well aware of the alarming impact the fast-paced lifestyle of today is having on our environment from toxic air quality to frothing rivers to garbage-filled streets and landfills. The task of untangling ourselves from this complex mess and changing long-ingrained habits seems daunting and we often do not know where to begin.

IKTARA steps in here by suggesting step-by-step lifestyle changes and offering practical, doable replacements to a lot of our unsustainable products particularly substitute to everyday use plastic and chemical products. We also strongly believe that a mass level change is possible only through collective action. We always look to join hands with anyone who is passionate about the environment and would like to bring about a wider change in their locality, college, office, etc.

#2903, Lodha Venezia, GD Ambedkar Marg, Kala Chowki, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400033

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