Sustainable Green Initiative To Plant Fruit Trees On Environment Day


World Environment Day is observed every year around the world over on 5th June and this year, ‘Celebrate Biodiversity’ has been zeroed in on as the theme for the celebrations. In India, a number of events such as tree plantation and cleanliness drives are being conducted to build awareness about environmental conservation and help people do their bit to Mother Nature.

As part of the Environment Day celebrations this year, a massive fruit tree plantation drive is being organized in Dehradun by a local NGO named ‘Sustainable Green Initiative’, in collaboration with another NGO ‘One Tree Planted’ based in the United States. Sustainable Green Initiative aims to carry out plantation of around 500,000 fruit trees collaboratively with significant involvement of local communities, including small and marginal farmers across the country.

The initiative is being taken up to extend the green cover while aiding the livelihoods of the rural population. Typically, people tend to neglect the trees they planted, so the plantation drive aims to distribute fruit trees, which have higher chances of being taken care. The NGO believes that the trees will provide nourishing fruits, and also provide a source of income to small farmers.

According to Raj Mohan, Sustainable Green Initiative plans to distribute a variety of trees such as apricot, guava, lemon, pear, banana, peach, moringa, papaya, and jujube, which will be planted during the drive. The NGO has already carried out plantations of 30,100 fruit trees across 10 villages in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. In addition, the NGO has also previously collaborated with One Tree Planted, to carry out plantations of over 300,000 trees across India.

Once the plantation is complete, it will take some time for the saplings to mature into fruit-producing trees. The drive is being carried out keeping the long-term benefits in mind. Each tree is touted to provide at least INR1,000 per year, and with half a million trees being planted, a revenue of INR50 Crore is expected every year once the trees mature.
Apart from significantly aiding reforestation projects and providing financial assistance to the society, this plantation drive is also meant to provide for cleaner air, and reduce the effects of climate change. The drive will also keep with the theme of this year’s Environment Day and promote the biodiversity of tree species all over India.


Date: 04.06.2020 | Source: Times of India


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