Kerala Opts for Environment-friendly Election Campaign This Time


At a time when election fever has reached a crescendo with political parties campaigning in every nook and corner of India, Kerala has taken the initiative of diligently following the environment-friendly election campaign guidelines for the 2019 General Elections.

In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India, all 14 districts in Kerala, alongside Haritha Keralam Mission and Suchitwa Mission, have prohibited the use of one-time plastics, PVC flex boards and any other kind of publicity material made of plastic or any other non-biodegradable material. In addition, at the booth level, candidates have been asked to serve food in steel plates or plantain leaves and water from earthen pots in steel glasses so as to reduce the use of one-time use polystyrene and plastic containers.

This environment-friendly campaign was led by Haritha Keralam Mission, which is a state-backed mission aimed at waste management, organic farming, and water resources management. On the other hand, the Suchitwa Mission is responsible for providing technical and managerial support for waste management to the local self-government.

Parties and candidates have been asked to use either cloth or other biodegradable material for flags and banners instead of previously used material including PVC flex boards and plastic. The aim of all of these guidelines is to reduce the amount of waste generated in political campaigns and to reduce the amount of pollution their disposal after the elections create.

Date – 24.04.2019 | Source – The Better India


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