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At Esperanza Global, 5 Metric Tons of Plastic Waste is recycled, every day! In Spanish, Esperanza means hope, an initiative that strives for a cleaner environment through plastic waste recycling. With an innate vision convert the waste to useful commodities, we associate with first users, rag pickers, recycling authorities, municipal bodies and the government at different levels to rekindle the needed awareness while collecting the waste from a swathe of sources.
Besides preserving the ecological landscape, we are pacing ahead towards working closely with the rag pickers and other labor force involved and hence producing more opportunities to earn. Introducing the REcycled heRO, RERO! It’s a bag, it’s a wrap, it’s a film! no it’s RERO. We re-visualized waste plastic onto the floor and it looked beautiful, strong and promisingly sustainable. One 20mm RERO tile comprises of waste plastic equivalent to 200 poly bags. Imagine the change we mean when kms of track would be laid out of plastic trash!

#C-22, Phase 2B, Focal Point, Rajpura, Punjab, India 140401

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