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Agrocola has been started to connect our farmers with the market of their produced crops and ditch middlemen.We all are familiar that what is the situation of our Indian Farmers and how they are treated by everyone. Everyone is only talkative about their wellness and prosperity but no-one is really stand with them and always benefited from their innocence but now this is enough we "The Agrocola Team" will make our Indian farmer to live their life with self respect and a major contributor of our country's GDP without depending upon any government subsidies.

Empowering Farmers, Small Businesses and trying to deliver agricultral produces from farm to table in an unique way. Agrocola is a single platform where farmers can sell and buy the products related to the agriculture at best prices.

4th Floor Neelam Palace, above Canara Bank Khojai Imli, Phulwari Sharif, Patna, Bihar, India 801505

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