Oota From Your Thota is back in Bengaluru for its 28th edition


Oota From Your Thota, which claims to be the biggest organic gardening event in India, is back in Bengaluru on Kitchen Garden Day. Various groups such as Garden City Farmers, Adamya Chetana, BM English School, Jivabhumi, Brics Bio-solutions, My Dream Garden and Village Story are jointly organizing the 28th edition of this exhibition at Durgaparameshwari Grounds in JP Nagar, Bengaluru on 25-26 August 2018.

Oota from your Thota (food from your garden) is a two-day event organised to promote gardening among urban dwellers, and ensuring all organic terrace gardening and urban farming necessities are available in one place along with their know-how. The event will also expose urbanites to different enterprises related to organic farming.

Various experts and NGOs have been invited to conduct workshops and training sessions on urban farming, terrace gardening, composting, biological pest control and water conservation. Apart from these, there will be dedicated sessions on bonsai gardening, herbal & medicinal gardening, Hydrophonics, plant grafting, aerobic & anaerobic composting, creative seeds, green kitchen, micro farms, etc. Another interesting aspect of OFYT is Chinnara Kaithota, a dedicated gardening workshop for children!
Date: 20.08.2018 | Source: OFYT


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