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It would be an understatement to say ‘Diwali is the most awaited festival of the year in India’. It is a festival synonymous with lights, sweets, new clothes, crackers, social gatherings, gifts and most of all, happiness. People meet and greet their loved ones and they never do so empty handed!

Typically, we offer sweet packets, dry fruits, lamps or idols as gifts to our near and dear ones. However, with the progress of our society towards sustainable development, it is high time we move a step ahead and put this ideology by offering some green gifts we share.

‘Green Gifts’, are not green in color but green in nature. They are handcrafted eco-friendly gifts that are produced by using natural material. To do away with the thinking process as to what the gift should be, we have collected a list of 7 green gifts that you can share with your loved ones for this Diwali:

Eco-friendly idols

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, we all pray to our Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and wish that God dwells in our house. So, giving someone an idol of a god indicates that you wish for their wealth and prosperity. Idols made of synthetic materials harm mother nature which won’t be acceptable for any god. Hence, choose idols made from pure clay don’t harm the environment and make for a great green gift this Diwali. Now, you could also choose an idol with plant seeds embedded inside it!
Source – My Eco Ganesh

Air purifier indoor plants

You cannot discuss green gifts and miss out on the natural green itself, right? Plants, undoubtedly, make for a pleasing green gift for Diwali. While many people out there are busy polluting the air by burning crackers, you can gift an air purifying indoor plant with the message of not burning crackers so that at least one more family/individual can contribute towards a greener Diwali. These days, you get such a diverse variety of plants potted in colourful and attractive ceramic pots.
Source – Plantsforlife

Upcycled wall clocks

During this festive time, we all need to manage multiple tasks like shopping, decorating the house, hosting friends at house and what not! Hence, a wall clock can be a perfect gift to keep pace with time. There are many manufacturers who produce wall clocks that are sustainable in nature since they are upcycled from discarded materials. Gift an upcycled wall clock to your loved ones and tell them that irrespective of what time it is, they can count on you!
Source – Greendiary

Eco-friendly nameplates

A nameplate states the owner of the house and sometimes. People often like the nameplate for their house to be creative, and different from others. What if, you gift a nameplate for your close ones? It will be a surprise for them. The Woodgeek Store is a company in India that produces wooden nameplates at a reasonable price, but that’s not all they manufacture. They also have a quirky range of other products like hanging signs, pen holders, engraved greeting cards and much more.
Source – Woodgeek Store

Sustainable Photo Frames

In this generation of digital cameras, we click hundreds of photographs especially during festivals, but we keep them in digital storage deviess and forget about them. A photo frame serves the purpose of keeping the best ones around us to cherish the captured moment. A photo frame manufactured sustainably will not only keep the memories fresh but also keep the environment clean thus making for a memorable green gift this Diwali.
Source – Kavin Crafts


Eco-friendly handbags

Shopping for women is incomplete without handbags. Women tend to like handbags that are good in aesthetics. So, what if there’s a handbag that is not only attractive to look at but also is sustainable in nature? That will make for an amazing green gift for Diwali. Gift such a handbag made up of natural materials like jute to someone and go out shopping with them.
Source – Jute for Life

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