Brighten the Lives of Dear Ones with Eco-friendly Diwali Gift Ideas


Author – Smruti Jain

The most awaited time of the year is here! Although 2020 has been quite a challenging year, but that should not dampen our festive spirits. Diwali, the festival of lights is all about decorating our homes, gorging on festive delicacies, celebrating with family and friends, and maybe even sharing our lockdown stories! Diwali is, however, incomplete without gifts for our loved ones. Thoughtful gifts are an expression of love for our near and dear ones and eco-friendly Diwali gift ideas make them all the more special.

Eco-friendly gifts epitomize the spirit of Diwali by celebrating nature and its conservation while bringing happiness to their receivers. However, it is difficult to find the right gift and make sure they are sustainably sourced and cause no harm to the environment. We at Ecoideaz have chosen a select few eco-friendly Diwali gift ideas to make your gift shopping easier and spread the festive joy among your friends and family.

Eco-friendly Diwali Gift Ideas for 2020

Rangoli Hampers 

Rangolis, diyas, decorations, and sweets perfectly represent Diwali celebrations. Rangolis are vibrant designs that symbolize strength, generosity, and bring good luck. These also represent the heralding of Goddess Lakshmi into our homes. Craftizen’s Rangoli Kits with ready color powders and rangoli stencils make the perfect gift. These colors have been produced using waste temple flowers and assembled by intellectually challenged artisans, which creates a livelihood for those less privileged. The gift includes rangoli colors, stencils, terracotta diyas and recycled paper decorations, and many such products. The Rangoli kits start from INR550 and go higher with the addition of more gifts like chocolates, decorative trays, etc.

Sustainable Self-care Kits 

Self-care is an important part of our lives, but the absurd amount of plastic packaging that comes with personal care products has compelled people to look for alternatives. Geosmin’s Zero-waste personal grooming products are one such alternative. Gifting these to your friends and family will show that you care for them and the environment.

These sustainable personal care products include organic bamboo toothbrushes, natural tooth powder, sisal mesh scrubs, bamboo toothbrush holders, neem wood combs, etc. They are easy on your pocket and will not end up in non-decomposing landfills after use. The self-care sets cost between INR499-1499 depending on your gifting needs and are the perfect combo for last-minute gift shopping.

Coasters and Trivets 

If you are completely stumped about gifting ideas this Diwali, trivets and coasters are creative options that are universally appreciated. Studio Vrtta’s stylish yet durable products are made from recycled tetra packs and reclaimed wood and can be easily cleaned. Coasters and trivets are stylish ways to present food during Diwali parties and family get-togethers while adding a pop of color to your dining spaces. These gifts will surely impress your friends, protect their tabletops, and help in reducing the waste added to dumping grounds. The coasters cost INR360 while the trivets cost INR520.

Upcycled Planters

Diwali is the perfect opportunity to update the decor of domestic and commercial spaces. Planters that can hold small indoor plants are quite the trend now and are a great gift for friends and family. Scrapshala’s Planters made from recycled bottles, reclaimed wood have a rustic charm and can be hung from windows of offices or restaurants to add to the aesthetics. These planters also come with nameplates and will make a creative entrance to the home of your loved ones. These planters are available in the price range of INR175-1495.

Coconut Shell Candles

Lights, diyas, and candles are the heart and soul of any Diwali decoration. Most commercially available diyas and tea-light candles use animal-fats or paraffin, which are harmful to the environment as well as pollute the indoor air in our homes. So this festive season, you could gift coconut shell candles instead. These Tengin brand vegan scented-candles come in coconut shells, handmade by rural farmers and women self-help groups. These cost just INR150, but burn cleaner for a longer period, and help the environment.  Coconut shell candles will surely make a great addition to your Diwali decorations.

Plantable Crackers

Crackers have been a symbol of celebration during the festival of lights. However, with growing awareness about air and noise pollution, bursting crackers is not as exciting anymore. So, instead of gifting noise and smoke-producing crackers why not gift eco-friendly crackers? These Gramart crackers shaped like rockets, chakras, and bombs contain seeds that will grow into new plants and can also be eaten. With these green crackers, you are not only gifting a plant that will keep growing after Diwali but also gifting quality family time that your loved ones can spend together while planting the seeds. These plantable crackers are available at the price of INR350 per box.

Healthy Snacks

We all love munching on Diwali snacks and sweets, but these are often unhealthy, and compel us to feel guilty about eating calorie-rich, low-fiber food. This time, you can save your friends and family from this guilt-trip with Milletamma’s healthy sweets and snacks. From almond cookies and chocolate-covered bananas to gluten-free chivda, khakhra, chutneys, and dips these gifts will cater to the sweet tooth and savory preferences. Now your friends can feast on these delicious treats without having to watch what they eat or worry about post-festival gym sessions. These snacks range from INR125-300.


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