8 Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day this Year


Nature offers humans lots of priceless gifts. Therefore, it’s our duty to save nature by adopting eco-friendly products in our lives. Valentine’s Day is that time of the year to show your love and care for your loved ones. Express your love and care for your loved ones by giving them eco-friendly gifts. So, if you want to celebrate a green Valentine’s Day, then give your partner eco-friendly gifts on that day. Here are some of the eco-friendly gift suggestions to help you out on Valentine’s Day this year:

Potted plants

If you are planning to give an eco-friendly gift to your partner on Valentine’s Day, then giving a long-lasting potted plant is the best option. There are lots of options available such as Rose plant, Orchids, Bonsai, Money plant, Lucky Bamboo plants, and so on. It is a wonderful gift item which makes your partner enjoy it day after day. Particularly, choose those indoor plants that can thrive under little sunlight and suck out indoor air pollutants as well.

Organic Chocolate

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Chocolate is the primary gift for any special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. But this Valentine’s day, give the sweetness of chocolates to your partner in an eco-friendly way. Satisfy their taste buds by gifting them a pack of delicious organic chocolates on. It will definitely make them feel your love and care for them. Ooty chocolates are the type of home-made organic chocolates you can choose.

Prepare A Home-made Organic Meal

How about cooking a sustainable home-made meal at home with healthy and organic ingredients… Surprise your partner by serving a self-prepared sustainable meal on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. This will be a sentimental gesture to show your true love for your partner. So, arrange the most romantic and meaningful dinner date for your special someone in an eco-friendly manner.

Card Made From Recycled Materials


Giving a Valentine card is simply heart-touching. So, what if you make it on your own? Well, making a greeting card from the waste materials of your home is a good idea to delight your partner on Valentine’s day in an eco-friendly way. Your efforts in its creation will surely make your partner feel extra special. You could also choose to use handmade paper or seed paper to create your greeting card.

Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

Source: YogaForHumanity

If your loved ones are habituated to do yoga every morning, then give them an environmentally-friendly yoga mat on Valentine’s day. Choose mats made of natural rubber and jute fiber, which are one of the best Valentine gifts for fitness lovers. It shows that you care about the health and fitness of your loved ones.

Flower Seeds in A Heart-Shaped Pack

Everyone loves to see the beauty of flowers, therefore, a beautiful pack of flower seeds would be the best Valentine gift for him or her. Because it would drive them mad when they see the flower seeds growing after a few months. The best thing is that the long-lasting gifts make your loved ones remember you always.

Jute Carry Bag

A carry bag or a tote bag is one of the basic needs of your day-to-day life. Therefore, keeping in view the benefits of environmentally-friendly products, you can gift a jute bag to your partner on the special occasion of Valentine’s day. It is one of the most useful gift items which is made up of natural and biodegradable materials.

Beeswax Candle

A beeswax candle is a type of candles which gives you an eco-friendly environment even after burning. Because it produces no smoke while burning and also produces a pleasant smell. So, give the wonderful eco-friendly beeswax candle to your loved ones on Valentine’s day and spread the smell of love all around.

So, give an eco-friendly gift to your loved ones on Valentine’s day and make them understand its benefits.

Author bio – Samon Rathi is a guest blogger who has contributed this advertorial.

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