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Himalayan Rocket Stove in use in Ladakh

Himalayan Rocket Stoves make and sell high efficiency clean burning solid fuel stoves designed specifically for Himalayan regions. Our stoves come in several variants. They are also room heaters with a cook top with an average fuel consumption of less than 1kg per hour. We also have a version with a built-in hot water system that can heat up 18 liters of water that gets to near boiling temperature within one hour of using the stove. This water can be used for any purpose that requires hot water, or if left in the stove, provides additional heat into the room for an hour after the fire dies down. We are also working on a stove model that offers phone charging from a USB port.

The Himalayan Rocket Stoves are currently in pilot phase production and are under field testing for the current 2016/17 winter season in a number of locations across the Himalayas. We expect to be in full production for the coming FY2017-18 winter season with products available in a number of areas, from Ladakh through to HP, UP and beyond.

Himachal Pradesh, India

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